Changing of nutrients from grow to bloom

When changing your light cycle and changing nutrients to bloom mix. How is this process done. Do I totally change the water or do I add bloom part a and b and just get my ph and ec correct.?? Help would be awesome.

Well I switched lights form 400w to 1000w
Then I used one part bloom to 3 grow first wk
2nd week 2 parts to 2 grow
3rd week 3 to one
and there you have it. This is what I have learned and do.

Oh…I check my ph after adding nutrients to water

Hope this helps


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Yes thank you. Why change light? I only have 400 but changing from MH TO HPS. So when you say 1 part grow and 3 parts bloom for example that’s 1 part a & b then 3 parts a & b? If that makes sense?

ya, because what your doing is going from booster witch is high in N and switching to flower witch is higher in P
So all you are doing is making a gradual transition and not all at once it really helps the plant.
You see the plant is still vegging for about 2 weeks or so until it starts to flower and will need the N.
when she starts to flower you already have the flower booster in there.
I hope you understand what I have said if not I will still be here to help you out. It works great with my plants.

as for light hps is better for flowering

Grow booster 3 to 1 flower first wk.
" " 2 to 2 " " second wk
" " 3 to 1 " " 3rd wk
All Flower 4th wk that’s it.


Flowering could use more intense light than in veg. Don’t worry too much, HPS is more intense than MH, even at the same wattage. Maybe some day you could use a 600 watt, or even a 1000 watt, but you probably have more than enough for your area. Personally I think more than 600 watts is excessive for most normal sized inside grows, for the average house or closet high ceilings.

Once the light schedule goes to 12/12 the plant kicks into gear to begin flowering as such it will start looking for phosphates. However you want to switch and what you find works, then do that. This growing process is tough and patience is the most virtuous of all traits when dealing with Mother Nature.

I guess what I’m saying is we all find different ways of doing the same thing. Working on my 2nd year and I’ve learned high quality is hard to achieve, but I’m working hard to figuring this thing out.

Stoner is right the size of your grow room must be configured in also and I didn’t take into account and for that I am sorry.
But i’em glade you got it down Chsppy

keep me up to date
My computer was down for a bit and had a death in the family and had to go out of town.
But i’em back…lol


I have a grow tent 76x76x76 with two 1000 watt hps
if I go to 600w hps you think that I could get better results or not


No, not really. The 600 watt HPS is supposed to be one of the most efficient of any size in electricity usage compared to the intensity, or LUX/Lumens it puts out. But 1000 watt still put out more lumens than a 600 watt. For example, even though 3 x 600 watts is 1800 watts, it might put out as much or more lumens than 2 x 1000 watts, even though it equals 2000 watts total. Also, you might be able to bring 600 watt lights closer, and because of the inverse square law of radiated energy in physics, distance makes a huge difference in lumens received at the target surface. If you have temps under control and are not worried about saving 200 watts of electricity, it probably won’t make much difference in your set-up.

Not to mention the cost of an additional hood/reflector/mount, and the fact that 3 hoods/reflectors/mounts might not fit in your arrangement anyway.

I might test your theory. I’m actually doing lumen test for our supermarkets for work. Changing all there lights. To LED. I got a lumen meter. I’m a sparky.

What part? LOL The efficiency of 600 watt vs 1000 watt is only true in high pressure sodium lights.

I test your theory of 3x600 and 2x1000 with my lumen meter. What size room your talking? It all depends on that too. Reflection etc. I know what I’m on about there. Lol

It is not a theory. It is pretty well understood property in 600 watt high pressure sodium lights. Like I said, it only applies to 600 watt HPS lights as compared to other wattage of HPS lights. And some brands might have different efficiency than others, but in general, this is true for the 600 watt HPS vs other HPS lights.

The supermarkets you are testing use high pressure sodium lights?

Yes if you had 3 x 600 watt HPS lights and 2 x 1000 watt HPS lights, and they were all aimed at or focused at the same exact spot, and at the same distance from that spot, the 3 x 600 watt HPS lights will be giving out probably nearly the same amount of intensity of light as the 2 x 1000 watt HPS, or maybe a little more, I don’t remember what the exact percentage in efficiency was in comparison.

This won’t work with 3 x 600 watt LED lights vs. 2 x 1000 watt LED lights. Nor fluorescent lights. However, the LED lights should be more efficient than the fluorescent lights.

Ya that’s a good ending thought. The light bill is coming down now that winter is over…lol
I going to harvest at the end of the month or the first week of June I was expecting more out of this grow but I am going to harvest much more this time around than last.
Will keep you posted with pic’s as the end get’s near soooo excited…lol


The …not to mention part…lol costing more money to switch or for only what 200w


Like I said… I test the theory… On the lights that you said. Not much difference at all. I’m talking 40 lumens in a room 3m x 3m. Not on supermarket lights. I’m not dumb. Been doing lumen testing on lighting for 27 years…

I’m not saying you are dumb, the whole supermarket thing was confusing.

But also you don’t seem to be very descriptive, so a lot of what you are typing is not necessarily making a lot of sense.

2 x 1000w hPs in a room 3 x 3 m I got 973 lux . 3 x 600 I got 1014 lux. So yeah little more but not much.

Interesting, thanks for sharing and good to know. That is cool that you could actually test it like that.

Do you flush before 50/50 transitions with nutrients ?