Transition to bloom and I'm stuck!

This is my first time posting here. I have so far got all the answers I need from the ILGM website and my own research. So I am in week 5 and I have my plants in rockwool DWC. I’m currently still on the 18/6 light schedule with a 600w mh. I am using the GH flora series. I have a few questions.

  1. Is there a preferred method of introducing the plants to the hps bulb and the 12/12 light cycle? my plan is to change out the my bulb to hps and raise the light higher to start then lower it gradually. Would this work?

  2. I’m following the GH Flora series feeding chart. Can I start feeding my plants the transitional nutrients without transitioning to the hps light and 12/12 schedule?

If I need to give anymore info please let me know. Thanks for the help!

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Sorry I do not have an answer to your?
I would not change till 2 or 3 weeks into flower, But this is what I do.

I usually switch out the bulbs and leave the lights off till the next day when the lights would normally kick on and just cut my timeline off the backside of that 18/6 schedule to cause it to be a 12/12 schedule… unless for some reason your lights were running during the day… it would be cheaper for you to run them during the night time and it would also keep temps in check a little better … as far as the newts go , you can put them on transition now if you plan on going to 12/12 within the next week or so… Welcome to The Forum by the way… :wink:

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Thanks for the info let’s try it out lol @Donaldj

My lights come on at 1700 and go off at 1100. I think I got that tip from the ILGM website lol. Thanks for the knowledge nuggets i think I’ll try that out

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@peachfuzz gave you sound advise


Thanks for taking the time out it means a lot!

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Yeah I would definitely go with what @peachfuzz said your in great hands