Center stems of plant leaves dying

Center problems

Help! More problems.
Beginner growing random seed outdoors in 15 gal pot with Miracle Grow soil in full sun with a light breeze most days. Virginia weather is humid and alternating dry 90 degree days and wet 80 degree days spells. Nights usually in 70s. Plant has been in flower a few weeks. Had problems previously when started fertilizing for flowers. Using forum advice, flushed the plants and started adding a 1/2 tsp vinegar per gal to water for a pH of about 6.6. Plant seemed to be recovering, though all the bottom leaves are gone.
We’ve had a few rainy days so haven’t watered lately. Yesterday noticed one thin brown branch off the main stem was broken and leaning & most of the small leaves on the stem are brown and curled up, but still soft. Today all the branches (5 more) around that one - in the interior of the plant - have done the same - stem and leaves are brown, although the buds are still green and look ok. Pistils are still white and look healthy. I don’t see any signs of insects or mold. Any ideas? Thank you. Note: Pic is rotated - don’t have the hang of posting yet

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The miracle grow is not really a good choice for growing cannabis
It has time release nutrients that can burn your plants and drop your ph when you water

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I expect you have nute burn and pH problems combined if in MG.


I have same problem what did u figure out

No, I never did figure it out. Sorry. Good luck.