HELP! Different problems... maybe!

I am a bit concerned about the leaves, all are exactly same age; 2 months. First concern is that the leaves are turning brown. Then should and when should the larger leaves be removed/trimmed?? The leaves are 12” in some areas, shading undergrowth. ph is about 7, fertility is in the same range as per the meter, plants are in a ‘greenhouse’. Thanks

Welcome to the neighborhood :grinning: Can u please give us more information?
The ph is too high. Soil ph 6.6. Coco ph 5.6to5.8.

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A reliable ph and tds meter are very important. The probe ones aren’t accurate.


I looked for meters, can you give me an idea of one, all I see are meters with probes.

Apera and Bluelab both make greats meters.

Gonna do the best I can, THANKS!!!,

Seeds: from this website here are the 'part #‘s’ SSH-FP20 and GLF-FP10. Forgot exact name and cannot find invoice.

Method: Miracle grow potting soil

Vessels: germinate; in water as per instruct., transfer to large 5-10 gallon flower pot.

PH: range from 6-7 (5 pots). but sounds like the question is what the PH is of the actual water I am using (well water… comes ‘preloaded’ :slight_smile: with EDB’s from tobacco farms!!


Location; in Greenhouse/pool enclosure… plan on moving to backyard.
Light: daylight 4am to 4pm direct sunlight.
Temps; day 80-110 F. Night 50-70 F
Humidity; LOW!! Very hot and dry in greenhouse.
Ventilation; natural, doors are open, 2 solar exhaust fans (2400 sq. ft. rated ea.)

Miracle grow is not a friendly cannabis soil. It is an extended release type.
Apera 20 or 60
Bluelab ec tester
105 is too hot in greenhouse.
Very important to check ph water going in and runoff.

Miracle Grow and cannabis don’t get along so well. It has time release nutes and nukes your plant with nitrogen and submarines your pH every time you water. Fox Farm, Roots Organic, and Black Magic are all good soils that are buffered for cannabis.

Ok already planted in miracle grow. Some people do ok in it. It will suck if you start running into problems though. So what to do from here like you said the best you can. Keep them watered without overwatering. Watch for deficiencies. Address them if and when they arise. You should not ever have to feed any nitrogen. [ I already see to much] you will however need to start feeding Cal-Mag [ IMO] also probably some p [potassium] and k [Phosphorus]. So you will need to find that without nitrogen added because of the miracle grow. Not sure on how much p and k are in that. Main thing is to keep them watered correctly.
Now for the big leafs covering undergrowth. Get rid of the undergrowth it it not needed. Do get rid of big fans that would block sun from needed bud sites.
They look good right now other than a little
of what looks like nitrogen burn. That is ok though a lot of people try to push till they see nitrogen burn and then level off.
My bottom line is. Keep on keeping on they will do what they are going to do. I say this based on miracle grow. Also not the worst thing you could have done. I’ve seen a lot worse on here from people trying to do everything just so and by the book.
Sorry this was so long. Hope it helped and good luck.

Didn’t actually look it up so I might be wrong, but I believe the SSH is super silver haze, and the GLF is probably Goldleaf, you couldn’t resist the deal that popped up.