Cbd level?

Hi there,
I wonder if anyone can tell me what the percentage of CBD the Gold Leaf tends to be?
…I understand that the site here has it listed as CBD=High for the Gold Leaf but it would be quite helpful if anyone can give an estimate of the approximate percentage of CBD that might be expected from the Gold Leaf strain…
Many Thanks,

I have to admit that I cannot answer you. I will look into this, as I am going to try these genetics my next grow. This would be a great thread to start a conversation on the strain, and share each others findings.

Latewood, Thanks for the reply.

As to the strain itself…It certainly seems to be evrything Robert says it is… I am at day 32 since flip (veged for 60 days) and it appears that I will have quite a bountiful harvest on my hands (for my modest grow)…They Gold smells like the nectar of the gods!
This is my very first grow and I’ve never been a gardener so my reference points are somewhat limited…
…I’m going against all advice (for a newbie) and growing three different plants…One of each…A Blueberry, Super Silver Haze and The Gold Leaf…Each in 3gal cloth pot Lights: Two ea 4ft/4bulb T5 One ea 2ft/4bulb T5 and 120 watts of asst CFL bulbs for spot lighting…I wanted to go T5/CFL due to minimise heat and ventilation fan noise issues…I need it to run cool and quiet - Smell is not an issue for me. All Topped-Supercropped into a Scrog screen The Gold seems to be exceptionally robust and started making flowers within a very short time after flip

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: