Cannatrol Cool Cure strain specific? Any experience out that on ak47?

I am borrowing a Cannatrol from a friend. I will be using for ILGM AK 47 photo that I planted on Mother’s Day outdoor. She is almost ready for harvest. Anyone have experience for strain specific dry temp/dew point? I grew auto over summer and that I dried in homemade box with dental floss, some holes, ac, and a fan…I feel spoiled lol😁

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General advice for all strains is 60/60 temp and humidity for 7-10 day dry.

That is how I do it always.


I have been in the smoke game for years and years. I was showing off my auto grows of ak47, sour diesel and super skunk…but the smell was not that potent even though dried 7-10 day and cured for 1 month…so I don’t know if dry box dampened the smell. I am interested to see if cannatrol allows smell to be more potent.