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Hey everyone! I’ll be making another post today for update on week 2 day 14. But, I had a few questions about setting up my AC and Heater. Since my whole set up in the basement I ran an extension core from one side of the wall into the other and attached it to a large extension
ELECTECK 12-Outlet Heavy Duty Large Power Strip with 10-Foot Long Extension Cord, Wide-Spaced Right-Angle Plug, for Home, Garage, Studio, Office, School and Workshop, Black

My question is since the AC is 900W

And heater is 1500W

  1. What are some of safety Hazzard issues that I should be thinking about?
  2. Can I plug both heater and AC into the same outlet?
  3. What is the max amp or voltage recommended for each outlet?

I just want to make sure that I am thinking of not starting a fire in my basement :thinking::grimacing: since everything is flowing through one outlet with extension cords.

They would probably blow a breaker if they ran at the same time on the same breaker. @dbrn32 knows electric. I don’t really, just minimal. I wouldn’t think you would need both running at the same time unless your running the a/c to dehumidify and the heater to heat? I run a small dehumidifier in my flower tent. And I have a dehumidifier outside of the tent to run when needed. The heater will also dry out the air. But anyway, wait on someone who knows electric. Surge protectors are great but not always dependable. I have all my stuff on one breaker but will need to change that when I expand.


@GreenJewels nailed it.
You will just blow the breaker on the main panel inside your house. Your basement should be on multiple zones, it sounds like your basement is un finished, so you will just have to plug something into all your outlets and switch the breakers. This will show you what breaker controls what plugs.
Put the heater on a separate zone and see if that solved your problem, if not run your AC on a separate zone as well.

As long as you are not running tons of extention cords, splitters, and everything is a 3 prong grounded plug/outlet in theory a breaker just trip and that saves the wires from overheating due to to large of load and thus causing a fire.


@Nicky that makes sense. Here are all of the thing that I would be running. Maybe not simultaneously but I would like to have a piece of mind that my set up is able to withstand all of the things plugged in

This is the calculated Wattge:

Are your breakers 15 or 20amps?
Wattages is only one value and it doesn’t show the full picture.

Take my advice posted above and you’ll be fine, you might be able to run everything but the heater off one circuit but then again it depends what’s running harder the dehumidifier or the heater, it’s possible the heater draws less if it’s on low and the dehumidifier is on max

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This will be a deciding factor.
Another question is, where is the panel located? Is there any additional spaces for more breakers or is it full?

@Nicky idk what my circuit breakers run on but I would imagine with the amount of lightning that I am planning to have probably heating my not be an issue. I think the demumifier would.

Sounds like un finished basement and thus room for new breakers but then you have to hire an electrician to come wire a grow op

@Covertgrower I will check when I get home.

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Plug it in, and turn everything to max.
You’ll find out let it run for 30min and be there Incase it trips.


Everything I have that I run, I can operate with a 15A breaker. I don’t have a heater, and I’ll admit the dehumidifier is on a different circuit/outlet. I did have it on the same circuit at one time, but it made the girls too warm.

Another valid question is what are the minimum and maximum temperatures of your basement?
It’s a possibility it might be chilly, but when adding lights you can easily gain about 5-7°F depending on the efficiency.

@Covertgrower so typically my basement runs on 70°F - 75°F and when I said basement I’m referring to the utilities room because my basement is finished but the utilities room it’s partial finished. There is a door and insulation with the furnush, water tank, etc but that’s it. And, when I was playing with the lighting the other day in my main grow tent Temps went up to about 81°F without the exausting fan on. With the exust fan on its about 75°F or so. But I decided to add smart heating and cooling so I can have better control of my temp + Humidifier and demumifier in a complete sealed environment. I think my AC can do (heating and cooling) + demumifies but the smart heater + demumifier is for another tent for after harvest during the curing and drying process. So, this way I can keep growing separate from my main grow tent.

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These temperatures are a more than acceptable range for temperatures. The only factor I would be concerned with would be high humidity during flowering. So I would definitely run the dehumidifier into about the 2nd week of flower. This will depend on the size of your unit, and how high the humidity is to start with.
Are your utilities high efficiency? I ask because whether they are or not, they’ll need outside air to be exchanged, so I would look into where the fresh air is coming in from. That may be a factor in removing extra amounts of humidity during flowering, as well as temperature variation.

Otherwise I think you’ll be alright.

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This is going to get complicated, you really need to be able to identify the different circuits within your home and the over current protection.

Easy question though, do you really need to run heat and ac at same time? I would think not, so you can figure something out with one or the other.

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@dbrn32 for right now I don’t think I do. But later on when I’m trying to cycle my first grow maybe I do for separate environment rooms.

How different do you feel you would be trying to make the rooms, and why?

@dbrn32 the tent that I have right now has room for 3 different environment.

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In the bottom I have my seedlings. Above that small 1’x4’ I’ll put my small veggs 2-4 weeks. Then, week 5 and up in my main subpart of the grow tent which is I believe is 4’x4’.

Then, in a separate grow area I’ll have a 2’x4 tent

VIVOSUN 48" X24" X 60" Hydroponic Mylar Grow Tent with Tool Bag, Observation Window and Floor Tray for Planting Growing

to hang the colas for another 7 days. I was planning to have there the smart heater and a dehumidifier to keep my temps at 81-85 and RH 50%-60%.

To recap, I will have my in

tent A: my AC which it cools and heats plus dehumidifies and a humidifier with fans and exhaust fan with carbon filter.

tent B: the smart heater with dehumidifier + inland fan with carbon filter. My fear is that I will have a lot of things to plug from one circuit breaker. That’s my assumption since I am only using one outlet with extensions in the two sockets.

Week 2 Day 15 update:

I switched the girls to a 20/4 schedule with HLG QB Samsung 65W on a

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Temps 81°F - RH 70% following the VPD chart @Bubblehead @Covertgrower @Nicky please let me know if this right. I’m watering about 2 Oz every other 2 to 3 days.

Here are some photos:

Jack Herer (my fav so far):

OG Kush (the most “difficult” so far):

Bubble Gum (pretty healthy has the smallest leaves out of the three)

Here is a shot from Wyze cam after lights out:


Looking good and healthy! VPD looks like it is in the right zone. My preference is to run the temps a little higher but that is what I found to work better for me. YMMV

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I understand what you’re looking at. However, the temperature requirements for plants is going to pretty much be the same regardless of what you’re doing. The biggest difference when running multiple spaces will be the light schedule. You will likely need ac in one season and potentially heat in a different season, but I find it pretty unlikely to need both at the same time. From there, I think you’ll find it a lot easier to control your intake air. With the right equipment you can do that for all the spaces at the same time.