Cannabis Cultivator Virgin - Starting with the ILGM Autos Mix Pack 2.0

Week 1

Hi all,

Here is an update after I got my seeds on Wednesday 11.6 I soaked them into Mason jars for about 22 hours. Started around 2am on Thursday 11.7. Then, on Friday 11.8 around 12am I transferred them into paper towels. I left them in the paper towels for about two days. Which it would have been Saturday 11.9 and today 11.10. During these two days; I made sure to kept the paper towels moist and not running water. I also sprayed water into the bag and blew into it as though to form a dome with the big plastic sealed bags. Today, Sunday I have transferred them into their first stop. I tried to put two LED 20WATTS red and blue lights but I could only find the one you see in the below photo. Would this work @dbrn32?

Bubble Gum after roughly 48 hours into the paper towel.

OG Kush same time period as above

Unfortunately, I could not get a shot of the Jack Herer because I got too excited and started to transfer without documenting. I apologized about that :smile: I’ll make sure to pay more attention to documenting each step.

Here is their first stop:

Temps are between 70°F - 75°F
Humidity are between 75 RH - 80 RH

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I don’t see any lights in pictures? Do you have a model number I can look up?


[2019 Upgraded] 20W Dual Head Automatic Cycle-Timing Grow Light Growing Lamp, 3 Adjustable Color Modes, 5 Dimmable Levels, 40 LED Chips with Red/Blue Spectrum Grow Light for Indoor Plants[AMAZINGCATS]

Setup looks good a dome and a sensor for each pot very well done.

Now as for the light… I will let @dbrn32 comment because I am sorta intrigued to see what he would suggest otherwise.
Looks like they are 20w max and have a mix of red/blue spectrum, may be okay to start but I imagine you will have to either buy another set or just upgrade to something a bit better before they will out grow those domes.

Remeber you have about 30 days of veg time for those autos so do the best you can to baby them for the first 30 days and give them exactly what they need.

@Nicky thank you for your suggestions. Yes, I plan to only keep them in here for about a week or so then I will move them up to their second stop where they will stay there for about 2 more weeks with 65W LEDs Samsung HLG where they will get 20/4 light for veggs and then once they get to about 6" to 8" or so I will transfer them to the main veg/flowering room where they will have my most expensive equipment. Lighting is 190 W LEDs full spectrum from Nextlight Core, I’ll have the Inkbird for humidity and temps control, demumifier, humidifier, heater, and AC, fan, filer, etc.

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They should work fine for starting plants. You will obviously want bigger lights to flower with though.

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@dbrn32 how long should I wait until I should be concerned with no seeing the main two leaves?

How long since its sprouted? And how close are your lights?

@dbrn32 I saw the first signs of roots on Friday when I put them in the paper towels. They continued to grow their tail for another Two days and I transferred them into the pots yesterday around 10pm. Lights are about 4"

Gonna be a few days I would think


Hey all! @Nicky @dbrn32 @Bubblehead @Covertgrower

I transferred the plants on Sunday at 10pm and it is Wednesday almost 11am in the Midwest so it’s been almost today around 10pm will be the 72 hours Mark and I still do not see any signs of germination. Should I be worried?

I’ve heard it can can take up to a week… That being said this is why I don’t like doing things the way you went about it, not that your wrong many many people here do it the way you do it.

Here is my method that I have 100% germination with.
Soak seeds in light proof container/area, in a warm area for 24hr.
Aquire jiffy starter kit with dome and pucks

Boil water & pour onto jiffy pucks
Let them cool to nice and warm but not boiling
Cut up material on top of the puck with a knife and burry the seed just below the surface so the seed can’t see light.
Put somewhere warm and keep moist.
Seeds will sproud and when they do just before they hit the roof cut the netting off and transplant into your pot with dome like you have.

Let work and better results as far as I’m concerned, this was our process on an organic farm I worked on for multiple years.

If you got the seeds from ILGM they should replace them, so I would go get a jiffy starter and drop new seeds. By the time they pop you will know if your other ones are junk, and they probably are ILGM will replace them free of charge.

@Nicky do you do this process with autos too? Every where I research pretty much said that autos do not like to be transported from smaller pots to bigger ones. Now, I will most definitely this process with photoperiods for sure. But, if you’ve done this process with autos I will give it a go too and see what happens.

Same process with auto’s. What is the temperature they’re at? Germination will take place quickly if it’s humid, and warm. 78°-85°F.

@Covertgrower 74.3 F and 82% RH

I would give it a little longer, it’ll sprout at that temperature, might just take a little longer.

I’ve got good news! 2 out of 3 just popped up to the surface. Jack Herer and Bubble Gum. OG Kush it’s still taking her time. Today around 10pm would be 72 hours Mark. So, I would imagine that all three of them would germinate completely.

I need some advice for watering schedule so I don’t over water or under water.


My first grow I was sent the incorrect seeds. They were suppose to be photos and they were autos. Before I figured it out I had transplanted them twice. No ill affects.

I tried rapid Roots and had problems, seeds sprouted but did not grow. I went back to my old way. Soak in water and peroxide until I see them crack then move them to moist paper towel until tap root is 1/4 inch. I then plant them in clear party cups with moistened soil. I put the clear cup, which has holes in the bottom, in a red party cup to keep the light away. I have not missed using this method.

I grow them in the party cup until the the leaves reach the outside rim of the cup and transplant. I like the roots to be seen but not have the plant root bound before transplanting.


Oh by the way I took this photo in my front pasture a few days ago… :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I wish I could grow my plants out here.


Best advice right now is to place a glass, or plastic over the seedling to keep the RH up inside. A humidome if you will. It’ll help keep it from being drowned. Water on the outside of the container in a circle to encourage roots.