Cannabian is days away from poppin the spring starts

Ok everyone, its about that time again. I lije to get a good headstart on my outdoor crop. On the menu this year is another Balkhi… because they were so darn good last year! I also have some Tashkurghan, which is from the same region, so that should be a nice addition.
New for this year will be some traditional Lebanese! Supposedly the seed is from a very highly renowned hashish maker… so I quite excited to give that a whirl. The best part about the Lebanese is that they are early finishers and are apparently good producers. So making hash from them might be quote enjoyable. So when I finally decide to bust out the seed Ill start a journal so yall can follow along if you want to. Meanwhile it seems @Bulldognuts and a few other guys and gals have some great projects already on the grow!


Will you be putting them in the greenhouse and growing them out like last crop of trees :deciduous_tree::flushed:


Half yes and half outside me thinkest?

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I’ll be keeping an eye out for when you do brother. :eyes: :+1: :+1:

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Thanks man… it should be fun!