Canna Coco grow guidance

Can anyone point me in the right direction for guidance. My first grow in decades has just switched to 12/12 so I’m planning my next grow.

I planted in soil this first time but I’m looking to switch to canna coco. I have been reading through @Afgvets posts and success is certainly in the details and planning! I’m gonna be plagiarizing those plant stands!

Any and all guidance on this grow medium is greatly appreciated!


What do you want to know, canna coco is similar to many brands but it is the gold standard for sure. Buffed and pre washed coco all acts the same or very similar, I suggest 30% pas it aids in root aeration.

You’ll want to oh your water and fedd to 5.8

Follow a feed chart and keep it from drying out or it will suck the mosture out of your plant if it gets to dry, you still want a wet dry cycle though.

Ive been using coco for 3 yrs now and love it. As stated, dont let it dry out and be prepared to.use more cal mag. Coco tends to steal it.

Any best bets regarding nutrients? I read a reference to Jacks 321 somewhere in the threads… that sounds pretty straight foreword … I think!?