Can You Help This Customer Identify His Plant?

From a customer:

Does anyone know what type of strain I might have

Plant is about 3 and half ft with loads of green buds
Earthy smell, a little sour smell also

Thought might be ak47 but could this be gorilla glue or godfather?/

Lost my markings when we lost a bunch of trees in my growing area planted from seeds purchased from ILGM site



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There isn’t really a way to determine strain from a picture.


If it has a citrus Diesel piney smell or taste i would say gorilla glue

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My GFOG smells real strong of lemon

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Thanks, I just checked smell again on this plant
does smell like like lemon
not sure what to expect with these green buds and how long before harvest
been 14 weeks or so


just checked plant,does smell like lemon
it has been about 14 weeks,any idea when to harvest
loads of green buds

Welcome aboard! Gotta get close up and check the trichomes (crystals) with some kind of magnifying tool to get a better idea of when ready.

Thanks, Don

Terpines are really what differentiate the strains.

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I just checked with magnifer glass

Looks like crystals on buds, not white, looks almost clear
Buds now green with brown starting to show on all green buds
I am lost,but thinking this plant is ready to harvest
Any ideas??
Again thankyou for your help

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You answer your own questions.

This should clear up when she will be done.

If the trichomes are clear you have more then a week to less then a month to go.