Can you help. Leaves and early top buds affected

Hi there. I need some help. This is not my first grow indoors have been doing it on and off for a few years however this is the first time I have come across this. I’m 2 weeks into my bud cycle and my leaves are doing something strange. Room is well ventilated and temp controlled between 22 - 25 degrees. Lights on 12 12 and plants are reasonable distance away from light. They get soil A & B nutrients as well as Fulife and cargo boost, ph is 6. I don’t think it is nutrient related as I have a baby room and some plants in there are not being feed and are displaying the same symptoms.
I was thinking maybe Thrips??? Or fungus gnat??
Please help

Can you take pics of the other sides of the leaves too? @CMoreland And generally gnats don’t do that kind of damage.

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You maybe ought to fill this out along with the picture. …

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Will take some pics later on, lights are off at the moment. However the underside of the leaves are fine no marks or discoloration just the damage you can see in the pics. If not fungus gnats how about thrips? Thanks for your reply

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@CMoreland Looking at the photos that you have, makes me think of wind stress. Could be wrong but the big boys will be able to help you for sure. Good luck on your grow. And welcome to the forum.

I have the same issue 20171107_025236|272x499

Can’t be wind stress, although very similar, they are not directly in the path of the fans plus it’s not on all of my plants have it. I have brought hyper mite, which is a predatory mite that will eat all bad bugs then die. Will let you know if this helps. If it does then I’m pretty sure it’s due to thrips, which suck all the goodness out of leaves.