Can’t figure out what’s wrong

Hi this is my 2nd year growing outside and I have run into this again. My plants look healthy except the leaves are turning yellow at the bottom of some plants and moving up on on others. I have looked and all the symptoms say nute burn! I’m not feeding them now! and when I was it was Earth Juice grow. I stopped because it looks like nute burn. I tested my Ph and it seems like it’s in the normal range. I use mostly rainwater I think once I used tap that I had sitting out for a few days. My plants are 12 weeks old from seed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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What soil are you using?

The plants look hungry, but you’re right the burnt tips indicate nute burn.

When you fed them ej grow, was it just grow? How much did you add/gallon? Did you bubble it for 24-48 hrs? What was your pH in and out?

Ej products are reputed to not cause burning.

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@Drinkslinger the soil is coast of Maine and to be honest I just started feeding them a few weeks ago when I noticed the yellowing. This time I transplanted my plants 3 times so I figured I would not have to use anything to feed them. When I started the ej grow I used table spoon per gal of water and a teaspoon of Earth Juice catalyst. The guy at the grow store told me to use both. No I did not bubble it! I’m a newbie and would not know how to to that.

@Drinkslinger once I added the nutes the PH was low so I had to add PH up. Do you think it was the PH up? Can that effect the plant? I have not used anything in the last week to the plants except rain water in the ph is right in the range it supposed to be.

Ej is best used after bubbling. You just need an air stone and an aquarium air pump…less than $20. The bubbling also brings the pH up after 24-30hours.

What pH up product did you use? Some are not compatible with the organic ej products and end up killing all the good microbes.

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I do have a aquarium air pump how big of a air stone would I need? Is there anything easier I could do? I think they might be starting to flower too! What do you think?

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@Drinkslinger the ph down is General Hydroponic brand. Thank you for your input.

I’m on my phone, so I can’t see the pics. Could be pre flowers. Normal for outdoor this time of year.

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Yep, pre flowering, and beautiful. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help with the feeding, but it sounds like @Drinkslinger has you covered. :+1:


@Duke1…shot in the dark…is your soil holding too much water? Are you watering often?
Overwatering will cause leaves to yellow n die…starting at the bottom.


Usually other signs show up before then though. The overall look of your plants is healthy but hungry. If you are not using a digital PH meter I would strongly advise getting one and holding to nominal soil values when you water and feed. Those girls need some Nitrogen. If you want to go natural there are some teas you can make from bat quano or earthworm castings.

I mention PH because we see lockouts of nutrients simply because they are unavailable due to the PH of the soil.


Looks like cloth pots so overwatering is unlikely.

I use 2 small air stones in a plastic 5 gal bucket. Just add water, nutes, and start bubbling.

I still have a quart of the GH pH up from my fox farm grows. I was worried about compatibility so bought the ej up crystals. I use lemon juice to bring it down.

@dbrn32 used to grow with ej as well.

If you wish to continue with that line I’d recommend getting their basic 5 products. At the minimum you’ll need the bloom very soon.

The plants look very nice.


I would agree … the plants look hungry despite the minor nute burn on some of the tips… also make sure your not overwatering as mentioned… it’s easy to do when it feels so hot outside… :wink:
I should also mention that a few dead leaves here and there is normal as well… its because it’s working it’s way up from the bottom that makes me think its hungry…
I would get a reading of your runoff for ph and ppm readings next watering … try to get 15% to 25% runoff and try to grab the last lil bit for your testing… :wink:
Water only with a ph of 6.5… for testing…


I agree, would say hungry before anything else.

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Your in good hands holler if you need anything :wink: I agree they look hungry :yum:


I use this nute schedule for ej.

I also use the occasional godsillica, cal-n-mag/ oilycann as well as hygrozyme and some unsulpherd molasses.

If you’re using rain water you’ll def need cal-n-mag for veg and oilycann as soon as they start flowering.


@tanlover442 I water them every day! My pot feels light so I water. Do you think I should wait till they look like they need it? It’s been really hot here. Is it normal for a 5 gallon to be watered every day?


Maybe that’s it! I water when pots are light it if they look droopy.

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I’m no Pro so I’m curious to hear what a pro thinks about this. But I was thinking like you, maybe wait till the leaves get a little droopy then water? But I don’t know if that’s good for the plant or not.? Curious to hear some answers myself. Thanks for posting! Good luck and have a nice afternoon.

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