Can someone tell me a good strain to grow like Big bud or Northern lights indoors plz?

I need a reliable seed bank company that doesn’t rip ppl off. Any suggestions?


You just found it!


Northern Lights autoflower is a small, compact plant - great indoor plant by all accounts.

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I sent cash on my 1st and only order so far,and my 20 seeds came in two weeks after confirmation!!
I will Never stray from ilgm. Great genetics and wonderful environment
Oh sour diesel was my pick
So loud and flavorful


ILGM is legit, I got my first batch from them (White Widow Autos), sent cash, and got my order about 12 days after they confirmed my payment.

Here is a link to their FAQ, may answer some of your concerns maybe…


@Mrloudman You got a legit company here. I ordered my seeds via card and got them 16 days after I ordered here in the SE US of A. Sometimes it takes longer, sometimes less. But you WILL get your order. One way or another. Welcome to the best forum in the world.

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After ordering my seeds by card I received them in about seven days to the east coast from Europe.

Honest company with great genetics!!

I highly recommend!!!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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