Can someone help confirm this early male

I am 99% this is a male but after months of work Id love to hear a second opinion. PLEASE tell me im wrong lol thanks in advance

Looks female but gets blurry when I zoom, here’s an article I found really goes over the sex of MJ and has good pics. Hope it helps…

First two pics look to be “nanners” ! Third? If you put one pic in a post we can enlarge it a lot more!

thank you I will now give it a few more days just to be safe. I dont think it can harm my other ladys quite yet

all 3 pics are same plant btw. its early only 5 days in to 12/12 the others showed already as male and female so i got worried about this one

let them ride a bit longer and see… if its a M you will see very definate football shaped pollen sacs… if its F you will see very definate pistols … make double sure before you chop it…

I still see female I believe that’s just a calyx not 100% but pretty sure. Look at this little girl, sometimes they do strange things dr-grinsppon