Can some one please identify

Hi, i have a two nice girls in outdoor grow(Gorilla glue and Autobomb,both autos) while ago i had aphnides infestation which i manage to kill this garlic and soapy water solution,but know i have a funny looking micro flyes sitting on the leaves and looks like they like to munch away on my girls as iam getting curled leaves and some rusty looking tips on both flowers.Please help me!!!

P.S i live in UK so Captain Jack dead bugs is unavailable here!!!

Hard to make out. I’d check the soil and look for root aphids

Try some Diatomaceous Earth as a natural pest control. It’s like razor wire for bugz

The girls had to come indoors now to dry out a litlle bit as it was pissing down the rain in UK for the last weeks(i put dehumidifier next to them),after few hours i will check the soil for root aphnides.Many thinks for your reply!

Hi, and think you for your reply!

Is that looks like a root aphnides?

I’d try to get a picture of one the flyers you seen. Zoom in and then you’ll be able to identify if it is or not. The crawlers are tiny and would require a microscope or trained eye

Stick some sticky traps on top of your soil and hang a couple up high then take a pic up close of what is stuck to it

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i already order some,first time grower so eventualy will do mistakes,but its better to learn from other people mistakes then make my own :slight_smile:

it looks like a flying aphnides to me

All I see is a stalk, is there a bug in this picture?

no,but the stalk looks funny right t the bottom!

Thats the fucker who munching on my Girls!

Put some yellow pads,and man got some many off them,will post a pic later!Tipical neewbie mistakes :slight_smile:

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