Can I save my moldy buds?

Question from a fellow grower:

My plants are close to harvesting. yesterday they were fine, today half the buds were moldy. My heart sank. Its been rainy and cool the last 3 days. can my plants be saved, can I unmold them? Its my first time growing. they are growing in a green house. I can’t believe this happened over night.

So sorry !! But I don’t think it needs to be a total loss, Seems like a ton of people had bud rot this year with all the humid weather , including myself I was devastated to find mold on my Beautiful plants. And like you said it happened fast!! Unfortunately they areas with mold will have to go but you can still save part of your harvest if you act fast, it will only spread so it is key that you cut out the mold now including an inch above and below, wear gloves and keep you scissors clean ( 91 % alcohol) and avoid touching any other part of the plant the mold spores will spread, I suggest searching bud rot in the ILGM forum there is a ton of info to help but most people seem to recommend that if you are close just harvest once you see it it means there is way more you can’t and it’s just a ticking time time bomb before it takes over the plant(s) it will spread like crazy. For the buds that don’t have visible mold I would definitely bud wash with peroxide/ water give them a good soak at least 1 minute really swirl them around and then rinse in 2 clean buckets there are many different ways to bud wash, I did the 4 bucket method with peroxide, lemon juice /baking soda followed by water rinse times 2, You tube is your friend for some bud wahing videos,
I am sure others will chime in with some ideas/ suggestions


If you are really afraid of ingesting mold, you could just chop them and go right to decarb in the oven with the moldy buds. High Times says 110 C for 110 minutes gives the best yield. Don’t try to smoke it: It will be nasty. But you can extract oil, make tinctures, or cannabutter for edibles. No need to toss it: The heat will kill the mold.


This is a good video of bud washing @Chinacat
Hope this can help. Kinda the same instructions…maybe a little different