Can I reuse my medium?

I just harvest my plants in an indoor grow. I used Coco Loco by Fox farms. Is reusing my medium an option? Or is that a bad idea?


I’ve reused happy frog and ocean forest with no problems just need nutrients since it was depleted. Do a search on this forum for reusing fox farm. Reusing FFOF. Really is expensive!

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I typically mix half old with half new every grow , it transfers my good strong bacteria base an the nitrogen from the broken down roots


Fox Farms makes a Happy Frog soil conditioner that has fresh critical ingredients to refresh the soil. Good news is its typically half the price of other bagged soils. When I can find it I buy a few bags and spread it around my garden.


Absolutely you can by either dumping and re ammending with nutrients or top dress with nutrients just want to keep it moist.
I’ve planted right after harvest in same pot. Gonna be starting a 3rd and fourth run no till soon.


Thanks for all the replies. I’m going to reuse my soil now on my next run. I was on the fence about doing it but feel confident on doing so now. Thanks again everyone.