CaliRob’s 1st grow

Using this for documentation and questions regarding my first grow.

I am starting seeds inside and will hopefully be moving outside in a month or two when weather begins to consistently stay warm. I imagine there will be struggles which is another reason why I am starting this.

Located in Northern California.

4 plants -
3x HiLo (super high CBD strain 25:1)
1x Pineapple (high THC)

I have always wanted to attempt to grow but was honestly intimidated by it. Started rearranging and getting my garden set up for spring/summer veggies and decided to finally give it a try.

Seeds were started on 3/9 using @merlin44’s technique in his grow journal.

3/9 - soaked for 24 hours
3/10 - seeds placed in wet paper towel
3/11 - tails sprouted and seeds planted in soils filled with FFOF - humidity domes (plastic bottles cut in half) placed over seeds.
3/13 - 4 of 4 seeds sprouted from dirt

Pictures from yesterday:

Pictures from today (seem to be getting leggy):


You are off to a good start. It looks like you are correct, they may be getting a bit stretched. Consider lowering your light to make it more intense.


Thanks Merlin! Just went and lowered it now, had to make a taller humidity dome as one of the plants was touching the top of its current one.


Whats up growmie, im from central cali and had an outdoor go last year. A tip would be to deffinately acclimate your plant before putting it outside in its forever home. If I could go back and do it again id place the plant outside in the morning and bring it back inside during the afternoon heat. I didnt do this last year and the plant suffered for it so just a heads up bud, best of luck growmie.


Growmie! That’s an awesome name.

Yes, was definitely planning on giving them some yard time before moving outside permanently. Once they get transferred and settled into the 1 gallon containers I will start doing that and then slide them over to the 5 (or 7 gallon) cloth bags.

Are you growing again this year?

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Welcome aboard and happy growing
lots of good peeps here with years of experience.
enjoy the journey


Rightbon beother, and yup i typically do back to back runs although i dont have plans to grow medicine outside this year as im reworking the backyard and we get weeks of 100+ degree weather.


I’ve definitely learned so much in a short time just lurking and reading through threads. Finally decided to join and happy I did.


I am dying to work outside more but it seems like every day I am free to it’s been raining or the garden area is just mud. We rototilled the back yard this year to properly set up the garden.

I complain now but will miss it when we start to get those 100+ weather days.


I hear that man just transplanted my corn and tomatoes outside and pray that they make it through the next storm we get lol

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Day 4: Domes were taken off for the picture. The front left one looks wet around the edges but dry around the plant compared to the others.

Took Merlin’s advice and lowered the light which has helped with the leggy problem. They are getting a little bigger which is nice to see.

Domes will come off Monday (Day 7) and I will update again at that time.


Update: Domes were taken off a day earlier than I wanted because the leaves were starting to touch the edges of the dome.

We are now at day 9 since the seeds sprouted. Crazy to look at the beginning and see how much they’ve grown in such a short time.

I have 1 gallon pots on standby to transfer the plants to when needed. Still have a ways to go.

Because these will be outdoor plants they are in my garage (which can get chilly) on a heat pad and under a light. Hoping once they get transferred into the 1 gallon pots our weather starts warming up so I can harden the plants and get them acclimated to the outdoors.

Any advice, criticism or suggestions is welcomed.


Hopefully someone can help, I have a question about watering.

With the plants still in the garage on a heat pad, would it be best practice to water at night when the light is off or in the morning when it is on?

Any help would be appreciated.

Whats going on growmie, i like to water right at lights on but its not really a deal breaker if you were to water any other time. I would say the key is consistant/schduled waterings. I like every 3 days i feel it lets your plants know what to expect and on a schedule.

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Thanks for the advice growmie! It had been 4 days so I watered them that night as the cups felt light. I will check on them today as it’s been 3 days and maybe go to the 3 day schedule if they are feeling light.

With them being on the heat pad they are constantly warm so I imagine the roots are growing but the heat pad/lights are sucking up some of that water.

Will hopefully be transplanting the photos into 1 gallons this week or possibly next. The auto will go straight into a 7 gallon.

Transplanted into 1 gallon pots this evening. One of the plants was looking droopy so instead of watering, I decided to transplant as it’s been 2 weeks since they sprouted and watered after they were transplanted. The one left in the solo cup is an auto and will be getting it’s forever home later this week.

Added a pictures of the roots so everyone can see the craziness going on inside those red cups.

Any comments or feedback is greatly appreciated.


Plants are still perky since transplant…leaves are still droopy on the one plant and I noticed it yesterday but it’s standing out to me more today that the leaves on one of the other plants are twisting.

After doing a little research and looking at my photos, I am thinking that plants were root bound which is causing the droopy, twisting and stunted growth.

I blame this on them being on the heat pad keeping the soil warm and encouraging the roots to just go crazy.

With them being in the garage, I feel like the heat pad is needed to combat the cold temps. I just wonder how much longer it’s needed and what long term effects will it have on the plants.


Running into a problem and need a little help. I don’t want to start a new thread so I will add to this in hopes someone sees it and can help.

Came home from work today to check on the plants and I’m noticing these spots on 3 of the plants that were just transplanted.

Possibly water spots but not sure if it’s something else.

I am using FFOF soil.


Hmmm, yeah, could be variegation or splashing or something else, but I’m not well-versed with that. @Graysin is pretty knowledgeable, and I’m drawing a blank at the moment … @MidwestGuy what do you think.


Appreciate the response and you calling in some reinforcements.