California Dream outside in Norcal

I’m having fun with this strain. ILGM California Dream. Seems to be some wide variation in this strain. Half are 3 and 4 weeks into flower and look like sensimilla. The others are 1 week in and still preflower respectively, they look more indica dominant. Interesting.


I meant to say they look like sativa not sensimilla. I can’t edit this now so…oh well.

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Sensimilla only means no seeds. Do you mean sativa vs indica?

And they’re beautiful

Those plants are beautiful !! I’m interested to see how they finish !!!

This is the best and worst place to be …I should be asleep but how can you sleep when there’s bud porn …

It’s dark here and I can see the moonlight on my plants but it’s not the same as the day time …



Outstanding plants you got there

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Yes Exactly. I caught that brain fart later.

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