Fast way to grow

hi everyone .
my name is ben .I hope to meeet some good people.
I am doing some hydo outside
I normaly finish in 2 month.
but this is taking longer.
it maybee sincemella. .
will this make a dyfrence in grow rate.
thanks .for your time

I’m shure .I will get some reply

Hi and Welcome. Great people here with top notch pro’s. Strain and type (Sativa vs. Indica) will make a difference for sure. Auto’s are normally faster as well I believe. @Majiktoker and @garrigan62 have been kicking around tonight. They will know for sure! I’m not a hydro guy - yet :slight_smile:

Hi welcome to our world at ilgm we are happy to have you here and if you can provide as much info about the plants id be happy to guide you my friend if they are for autos i can give you some information that may help if they are photoperiods, depending on which state your in could be longer as you mentioned. Also being sensimilla is a phrase and is Spanish for “seedless cannabis”, this would fall into one of the 4 categories, male which it is not if it is sensimilla as I mentioned and covered above sensimilla is seedless cannabis and is the Spanish name for it, than you have feminized which basically the same thing as the sensimilla no seeds but have a rockier and denser bud formation as sensimilla has a fluffier feel to it as well as fluffier bud formation, than last of all you have hermie in this category. Hope this helps

Indica or sativa will also determine how long these plants will grow for any more questions feel free to ask ill be happy to answer

Ps you will meet some of the best and friendliest people here at ilgm


Hello. We look forward to seeing you succeed in your grow. Call on me anytime :smiley:

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thanks for your info.
I’m from Australia summertime.
I give them 8 hrs daylight.with 8 hrs watering.
I normal do it under lights .with 24hrs watering.
but I’m off grid so lights no go no more…

I’ll send some pics in morning

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priceless off the grid humor! love it!

They could use more daylight Atleast 6 hours more, to be at their full potential for root and canopy growth

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the only reason for such short cycle.
I have
got no smoke.
I’m a full time smoker with cronic back pain.
if got few others doing the full cycle

I Understand but with 8 hours of light thats not enough to allow for maximum growth they will barely grow this would be a good reasoning for them taking longer



this was the other .
i have changed to 12 hrs


Oh my goodness, just beautiful!!!