Calcium or light burn?

Soil:: FFOF
Light: 600w MH
Temps 82 day 71 night
Humidity 44
Ppm run off 660
pH water is always 6.5

The showed up a month ago, with some guidance we summed it up to Calcium overload. I was adding calmag and FF trio big bloom to my feedings.

It has shown up again, however want to get some feedback:

What is this?

I feed her 4 hours ago, and it’s spreading. Used 1/4 recommend dose of big bloom and grow big. pH water of 6.5.
She is on day 50 and still in veg stage.

The light, which might be the issue I moved down from 26" to 22" above her yesterday. This is an AK, I have. BG and WW feeding and same environment with no issues.

The dark spots seem like late stage calcium deficiency. Possibly from your previous issue. The tips look like an overnute but at those Ppm’s it doesn’t seem likely. Magnesium deficiency can also start out looking like that.

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@Myfriendis410 @MidwestGuy @kellydans would appreciate any thoughts.

Thanks @BobbyDigital. It’s definitely not nute burn on the yellow tips, I think it’s from light burn.

How do I course correct? She is in 3 gallon container, and drinking a half gallon every two days, so I can add anything or remove anything in 2 days.

I planned too move to 7 gallon fabric pots in a week, switching to Happy Frog, but can transfer at anytime.

Thanks in advance.

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This is a leaf of new growth after the issue.

Let’s see some shots of new growth. I’m not convinced you have a problem now. I think we’re seeing an artifact from a calcium def in it’s past and is showing on an obviously older fan. I say pluck that bitch haha and rock on! All your numbers look good. Keep to your plan.

But let’s see pics.


Hang on…

Looks fine to me.

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Thank you! One more question, if you nute burn a plant, does it only show the effects after lights out? Skorpion issue this morning had me thinking.

I don’t know. It may be that it starts to accelerate as it roasts the leaves so seems like over night.

Look to new growth for improvement.

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Did this show up after you lowered you light? Are the stems of the affected leaves a different color (purple /red) than a leaf with no symptoms ?

@Watt-Sun yes, it spread after I lowered. The leaf vains are more redish/purple than others, but not on the branches.

I did cut a lot of the effected leafs off, as myfriend suggested, but have the clippings in the tent.

The most recent growth, under the new growth gets the black spots…I can take more pics, let me know.

The 1st pic is new growth, 2nd pic, leaf is a few days old, just under the new growth

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Thanks for the tag! overall I think your plant looks good, I see what you have pointed out. I don’t think it’s enough to change anything you’re doing keep taking care of it .an I believe it’ll finish up strong.

@Myfriendis410 I have not been able to post pics for couple weeks. Is there anything we can on our end to fix this? Thanks for all you guys do…

@Zee I have the same exact thing going on with one of my AKs. I have not given anything but water ph 6.5

I’m in the same boat. Site upgrade is the problem.

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The soil may be tired and imbalanced? Perhaps potting up now might resolve your dilemma? I do agree with @Myfriendis410 this looks mostly remnant. The timing is right for stuff to show up with that soil though…

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