Ca-Mg Issues with apotforpot?


I am on my 6th apotforpot kit, first 5 have been 2 gallon pots, 4th one in a 5 gallon. The first 4 plants all faded down the stretch as if they were underfed. I added 1/4 strength nutes after week 4 on plant #3, and ended up burning it. I stopped with the nutrients on #4, and it too faded down the stretch.

After much research (reading and visual diagnosis), I have come to the conclusion that my plants have suffered from Ca and/or Mg deficiencies. I use bottled water with 0 PPM. With plant #5 (about 3 weeks old now), I have begun supplementing with 2 ml/gal of calimagic from GH to make up for the minerals missing from my water. With plant #6, I washed and buffered the coco coir beforehand. The plant hasn’t yet been transplanted from the Jiffy peat pod, but I’m hoping that this will help.

Has anyone else had Ca-Mg issues with apotforpot plants? Buffered the coco before planting? Everything I’ve read abouit coco coir suggests that buffering the coco and supplementing with Ca-Mg is needed.

Incidentally, the camera on my phone isn;t working so I can’t upload pics at the moment. But all the classic signs of Ca-Mg deficiency are there - yellowing, brown spots, purple stems, etc.

Appreciate any feedback.

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I harvested my first grow a couple weeks ago and I used the 5 gallon Pot for Pot and I believe I had the same issue. Probably Round the start of flowering I started noticing spots on my leaves that looked like a Cal-Mag issue. I didn’t buffer my coco when I mixed the soils up. I didn’t know you were supposed when I started. I always had slight burnt tips on the plant so never added anything figuring the soil was hot. She dried and yellowed all her leaves quick in flower too. The temps were getting low at night so she purpled up nice but she was also clearly eating herself so I think i could have done better with nutrients. Did pull 4 oz of her though, Gorilla Glue Auto. The buds were frosty and smell amazing though. More I learn it seems like you need some nutrients in flower in the Pot for Pot kits.

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That is a nice yield for your first try. I’m currently growing an auto sour diesel. I meant to say in my post that my 6th (not 4th) and most recent pot is a 5 gallon, which is the one for which I buffered the coco. The yield on the 2 gallon pots is limited.

I’ve gathered from other posts, as well, that some nutrients are helpful down the stretch. Besides the Ca-Mg supplement, I have also started adding the Fox Farms Big Bloom worm castings and guano in dilute doses, supposedly a little more forgiving than synthetic nutrients (still gun shy after burning #3).

BTW, how many days until harvest of your 5 gallon GG? I’m wondering if larger pots mean longer plant life for autos.

Thx for your feedback.

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She sprouted September 9th and i harvested December 3rd. Right at 8 weeks in flower but I think I could have let it go a little longer.

Still learning so was nervous to go long and cut with minimal amber trichomes. I’m trying a couple Zkittlez Autos in Coco Loco now. I have the Fox Farms trio to try out also. I’m using 5 gallon pots again.


I’m growing a Sour Diesel Auto also in a 2 gal potforpot and just started seeing brown spots and yellow leaves at the bottom. I had been feeding supplemental nutes with no issue until recently. I just gave water and molasses until my cal mag gets here. I started Oct 11. I don’t know about you but my plant seemed temperamental to everything the entire grow… My other plant has been smooth sailing…GSCX Auto


Sounds familiar, but your plant looks good to me. I’m curious what and how much nutrients you have added. Hopefully the cal-mag will help. I supplemented with Epsom salts until my Ca-Mg arrived.


I’ve been using Advanced Nutrients Micro Grow Bloom and then last week I added Big Bud and B-52. I’ve been using it at 1/3-1/2 strength. I think my lights were also too close. I upgraded my tent at the same time and added an additional light so each plant has its own light. I haven’t noticed any additional spots, but the yellowing of a few leaves not getting light continues, which I assume is normal.