Burple Shananigans

I’ve since deleted the emails I got, but I had a burple manufacturer approach me in this way and offer me money to delete my review, which was 1 star and a scathing review of burples in general. The emails were similar to this scam. They started at $20 and made a final offer of $50 a few emails later to get me to delete my review.

Manipulation of reviews. I should have reported them to Amazon.

P.S. My Amazon name is not Nickie and I didn’t buy the humidifier or write the review that the email suggests. I expect this is just a clickbait scam sent to random email addresses. I’m certainly not going to click the link and find out.


I represent the aforementioned company and I’d like to offer you 100 dollars to kindly remove this post


Had a similar situation with king led off of Amazon they want you to give five star review before they will activate any warranty for you and then say they will give you a free light for a five-star review sent my light back bunch of b******* cheap Chinese companies

I now wish I had kept those emails so I could post them here.

BestVa offered to send me a free light if I promised to give it a 5 star review. I never got back to them.

Bestva huh? Get me a free light… yeah!

No this was King led so it seems there are multiple companies playing the blurple, b******* game

I got my hlg300L rspec yesterday so I’m all set.
Blurple? I don need no stinking blurple

You and your plants will love it.

I bought three to start like them so much I recently bought a fourth very nice lights love the 300 LR spec

I don’t have my tent yet so no set up just yet but I plugged in my miniature sun and it’s nice and bright. Surprised at how little heat from it.

I’ve got a feeling that this is going to be a good grow that this is going to be a good grow that this is going to be a real good grow, I got a feeling