Burnt ends first timer thanks for advice

Have some brown ends on plays thinking Sun burn from lights should I cut off or let go.


Too low down to be light burn. Potassium deficiency often looks lots like light burn. Would be more inclined to think low K levels. Need more information to be able to give real answers, but that’s my knee jerk reaction.

You can remove the damage but it will progress if you don’t address the cause. :v:

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Ph 6.8 ppm 1500 . Temp 75 to 82 hum 58. Soil ff and ff quoco mix . Should I give potassium pills dissolved in water? Or is that too strong? Just looking for advice. Thank you

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Any cannabis friendly plant nutrients around? If so, what and pics of said nutes?

What I have.

Will this do or ur suggested method. Thanks again sorry to be a bother.

Have you gotten anything on those leaves while watering? That will affect the leaves especially if the light is on. JMHO :blush::v:

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The leaves affected seem to be the ones that look like they have been in contact with the dirt.

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Im with @Audiofreak i think those ones touched the soil at some point

I think it is dirt contact and I cut off any leaf that touches the dirt anyway…even if it does not yellow. I would cut off the yellow leaves.

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Thanks was going to cut wasn’t sure if it would affect the growth I have several touching dirt. Thanks again for advice

I agree with @Riskguy. I take off anything touching dirt.