Building out a new room, need advice

So I haven’t grown in over 20 years and am now going to start again soon…I bought a house that had an older house behind it I been using as storage and a shed, and decided to use the 10’x10’ old bathroom as a grow room. Here are a few pics, the questions will be at the end:

Here is the start:

image image

Removed old toilet and tiles:

image image image

Here I am going to build an air inlet that fresh air will pass through 2 hepa filters prior to entering the room:
image image image

Installed roof joist and R-14 insulation as well as tan all new electrical:
image image image image image

Installed a 6k BTU ac in the old door, and sealed the entire room with pesticide infused spray foam and caulk:

Next I boxed in the air intake and started painting. Went with flat white latex and epoxy flooring (left the old faucets for nostalgia):

I have 2 Mars Hydro ts1000s coming in and an 8” air exhaust (to be vented through the roof but under the old tin roof) and a couple wall mounted fans…

I live on an island in the South Pacific sea, so ambient air temps are ALWAYS hot and humid but I can easily manipulate that with the ac and dehumidifier (as necessary).

I have access to fox farms soil and nutrients, and plan on running 6-8 plants in the old bathtub area (which is 6’ x 3’) but my biggest hurdle are getting seeds here. We are a US territory and have USPS on island, so can anyone point me in the right direction for seeds?

And finally, does anyone see any issues or have any pointers I can use for my build? Right now it is 99% dark in there with a tiny bit of light showing in the ac vent, and I’m not sure how to block that without blocking the vents?


Looks good ! You have put in a lot of work. Have you checked with ILGM SEED bank ? Personally the 6x3 space I would go with 3 plants . Maybe 4 at the most just my thoughts good luck.


Thanks! As for the seeds, I’m still a few months out from starting so I got time. I have a lot to do still as I want the room to be as perfect as I can make it, and I’m waiting on my exhaust, carbon filter, fans, lights, and build my scrog net brackets (basically a pvc frame to slide the net down when it’s time) and I’m going to do a few more coats of white since the concrete really sucks it up.

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Your lights will veg in that space but you are going to need more for flower in a 6x3. Your going all out don’t shortchange yourself on the lights. @dbrn32 and others here could suggest optimal coverage for that space if your interested.


By all means, I’m all ears!! And what about the tsl1000 will not allow for flowing, the power? I thought I did all my research correctly and settled on a pair of these (side by side) based off quite a few articles suggesting them.

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The flowering footprint per the manufacturer is 2x2. Actual wattage output 150. Just not enough light to flower efficiently. I know a 4x4 you want at least 500 watts to flower. Don’t know the number your looking for but it’s probably doubleish where your at now with the 300. I tagged that other guy he will fill you in.

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@Happilyretired may be able to help. He did a pretty sweet room setup. I’d tag his thread but I don’t know how to do that.

@Happilyretired just read your grow room build thread…what lessons learned do you have for lighting or what would you have done differently? I do not have a cabinet set up, but I Like the idea of separating seedlings from veg and flowering…not sure how I would to that, did you move your girls from one location to the next based of the stage they are in? How would you do a SCROG net like that?

You would just go to my thread and tag him the same way you tag me on his …

I think the question here is what are your expectations for your grow room… How much do you want to produce… Is it gonna be just for you or do you want grow for others as well?
The size your plants and the size your grow area are directly related the amount of time you want to spend letting your plants grow before you flower. You can fill that whole flower area with one plant if you want to veg the plant for two months, or you can veg eight plants for two weeks and achieve the same goal…
If you want to have plants in the vegetative state at the same time as the flowering you will need two areas to grow in…More ventilation , Lights ,etc.
If you get mail from USPS You should be able to order just like anybody else… ILGM Will probably be one of the faster places to get seeds from and you can use Your checking account…
I will tag you into my thread if you go to the beginning of it you can see how I started my room…

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Here it is hope this helps!..

Looks like we were typing at the same time…I can grow legally up to 6 plants , 3 mature and 3 juvenile (per adult) so up to 12 with me and my wife. I’d like to be able to have some at each stage if I can figure out a layout

As for the seeds, this is what I’m seeing for shipping on ILGM site:

We ship daily to:

  • All U.S. states
  • Australia

If your country is not on this list we unfortunately can’t ship to you.

And I’m in Guam…a territory, not a state :frowning_face:

I suppose I could try having some sent to my in-laws then sent to me…what does the packaging look like, and are the seeds sealed?

Ideally I’d like a couple strains, and clone from them a few generations until we get a local seller (supposed to be coming soon I heard)

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What would I do differently :thinking: I would’ve put in a bigger AC unit for the first thing… Is working fine but it could’ve been better for a couple hundred bucks more in the beginning… I have 2HLG 600 W LEDs for flowering can I build my other three lights for cloning and vegging with the help of @dbrn32… If you’re not looking to build lights and you want more than you have I would suggest going online to the grow light depot… They have a huge selection big range of prices and great descriptions…You can also call them up and ask all the questions you want and they have all the answers you need … They also have great videos showing unboxing and setting up lights and actually showing coverage…

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Guam is a territory of the United States…
I would give it a shot… Do you have a US mail address and a US mail ZIP Code, If so I think that’s all you need…
I have ordered seeds from two different places in Europe… And it took 5 to 6 weeks to receive my orders so if you’re planning on getting going in a month or so and you can’t get them from ILGM you better get them ordered somewhere else pretty soon… There is a lot of people on this forum that can help you get seeds…

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Lots of points is like to touch on.

  1. Email customer service through seed shop and ask about shipping. If they can’t help we’ll try some other places.

  2. If you’re going to run sealed room with ac you will need a way to generate co2. Most people just exhaust the space from top and hand an intake port at bottom. But doesn’t make a lot of sense to do that running air conditioning.

  3. The light leak could potentially make your plants go hermaphrodite. See about maybe building a bracket around it that will allow the air to pass through bottom but will block light from coming straight through.

  4. The ts 1000 is good for flowering up to a 2x2 space. You could use them and your plants will grow, but won’t have the amount of energy needed to produce big dense buds in 18 square feet. If you plan on using leds I would figure you’ll spend some cash on a couple of good fixtures or spend some cash on buying a lot of the ones you’re looking at. 6x3 isn’t traditional space, so you’ll probably need two fixtures designed for 3x3.

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I took the general dimensions of your space and drew this up… This looks to me to be the best way to optimize your space…


Agreed, you’ll be constantly “conditioning” the new air, I would recommend a lung room, or venting into another area, just not outside.


Interesting drawing…similar to what I had in mind, only opposite sides of the room. I was hoping I could get about 6 plants in the old bathtub area, and develop them there all the way through to harvest, with perhaps a smaller set up on the right (as you walk in) for seedling through to first few weeks of veg. Knowing I’ll have to cycle the lighting separately, I was looking at building a smaller area and isolate the lighting and air flow.

@dbrn32 it’s not completely sealed, I have fresh air intake through a few filters and a 750cfm exhaust with carbon filter, I should be able to regulate the intake side to achieve correct negative pressure, with the AC being a supplement to cool the room as needed.

So the Mars ts1000 won’t get me to where I need to be…huh…we’ll…I’m not opposed to building my own lights, I’m pretty handy and have basic knowledge of electronics…but I have never messed with LEDs…what would you suggest as maybe a 3 light set up to cover the 6x3 area with the idea of doing 6 plants in 2 rows of 3? Something like 3 200w with dimming ability? Or higher?

Or should I focus on maybe only doing 2 plants and really work on training them to get the most? I don’t wanna over crowd the space but as someone else mentioned, if I can get 2 Toby wild the same as 6 then why would I even do 6 lol

That looks like a great space to grow in! I see you have a lot of good info on your lighting. My knowledge is more in the ventilation side of things. So that is what I’ll limit myself to :v:
You mention an 8" exhaust fan into the roof space - and you mention 2 Hepa filters on your inlet.

Ideally, you want to change the air in the space every 2-3 minutes, and keep the space under a negative pressure.
If I assume a 10’ ceiling, that is a 1000 cubic foot space, so you should be exhausting 2-3000 cfm.
You mention a carbon filter, sized right, that will have a pressure drop of around .75-1" wg
So your exhaust fan should be capable of 3000 cfm @ 1" wg - ideally.

Your supply air needs to be about half of your exhaust - so aim for about 1500 cfm
Hepa filters are great for keeping crap out - but need cleaning and block up quickly - you really need to allow .75-1" wg here as well. So your supply fan needs to do 1000-1500 cfm @ .75-1" wg.
Also, you need to keep the velocity down through Hepa filters - you pull half the crap through, they block up quicker - they need attention.

They are all ideals that I suggest - not sure if you are aiming that high? But regardless - allow for your filters.
Best of luck mate - it will be awesome once you get it all dialled in! :v:

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@Budz420 the ceilings are actually about 7.5’ on low side and 8’ on high side. I used a greenhouse calculator to figure out roughly 627cf space with 1-6” squared inlet and 1 5”x12” inlet (with a home made damper of sorts to regulate the negative pressure… the fan I got is the Vivosun 8” 750cfm

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