Building out a new room, need advice

Ok, so the ideals stay around 2000 cfm exhaust and 1000 cfm supply. The system pressure of 1" wg remains.
I had a look at the fan. The fan itself is rated at 700 cfm @ fresh air. Not only am I unsure how they GENERATE air in the filter (clever), but that doesn’t consider the pressure drop of your filter (or any duct). In reality it will probably deliver about half of that when hooked up - you will struggle badly for air flow and air changes. Also, your inlet and outlets are very small - they will add more system pressure as well.
Were you expecting to do it all with that one fan? Pull the air into the room and out through the one fan?

Yes, I was just going to pull/push air out using the one fan centrally located and allow it to come in naturally (no fan), coupled with the wall ac and 2- 16” wall mounted fans.

The same way a greenhouse does it…only with filters

Keep in mind here…I’m only growing a few plants for me and my wife to enjoy…in my typical way of doing anything I way overkill it… but I’m also not trying to be on the cover of a magazine, I just want a nice place to grow good stuff to enjoy. :). I do want quality but not so much on the exact science of all of it yet…as I said it’s been 20years and I used to start seeds in a speaker box with a single bulb and then grow in a closet with 0 thoughts of lights, nutrients total darkness etc. lol

Sometimes I have to stop all the nerding out in my head and just remember to KISS


I just don’t feel like your air conditioner will keep up if you’re exhausting conditioned air. There’s a good chance your air conditioner will run all the time and you still won’t be able recommended canopy temps and rh.

They are 150 watt lamps good for flowering up to 2x2 space. From that standpoint it doesn’t really matter if you grow 2 plants or 20 plants, the effective canopy footprint of the light won’t change. You can certainly stretch them out a little and give up some bud quality if you want. Or you can buy 8 of them and flower the 6x3 well. Or you could buy better/bigger lights.


I like the drawing that @Happilyretired drew up for you. Is it possible to remove that half wall from the old tub to open up the floor? You seem handy and know what you are doing, what about building a 4x8 area instead of getting a tent. It would be cheaper. that way you have a dedicated area for flower that is light tight. You can set up a small shelf next to your air filter thing ( I like that idea by the way, have not seen that before, but as @Budz420 stated they will need to be changed often) for clones and seeds. and do vegging in the remaining space. If you are only growing for you and your wife depending on how much you smoke I think a 4x8 flower room is moor than you will need a 4x4 should be enough for the two of you.
As @dbrn32 stated light is going to be your biggest issue. I have 2 ts1000 and 2 sp150 I like them both but they are not as good as advertised. If they can go back I would send them back and use that money to build a light.

Happy growing

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It might not be a bad idea to close up your room put your lights over your bathtub and start 2 plants learn what you need as you go… Everyone of us had to learn to crawl before we could walk ,this is no different…
As far as putting six plants in a 3 x 6 area, you could put two plants in the same area veg them for two weeks longer or so and achieve the same volume… Once you get rolling with a perpetual grow the two weeks won’t matter because While your plants are finishing up flowering… you just Drop your seeds a couple weeks earlier and leave them in your veg area a little longer…

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Welcome to the forum @Ocean

With 2 Mars TS 1000s (the current model, drawing 150w with Samsung 301B LEDs) you can expect to harvest 8 ounces each run, with each run being 3-4 months. Obviously that assumes you have success, but assuming success, you could have 24-32 ounces per year. That’s about 12x my needs, personally.

If possible, maybe building two 24”x24” floor to ceiling cabinets would give you more options. If genetics are hard to acquire, would it make sense to keep a vegetative area separate from a flower area? That’d let you keep mother plants and flower cuttings, which can be a really productive system. Since you have plenty of space, would it make sense to keep the tub area as a slop sink for cleaning and watering?

I’m a little concerned about the ventilation situation. Maybe I’m missing it, but I don’t see a fan pulling air into the space. Is that correct?

The exhaust isn’t installed yet, but it will be opposite side of the room from the intake.

Ok @dbrn32…let’s say I have a budget of An additional $400 for lights. I don’t mind building one, but again I am limited to shipping constraints out here (I do have the option of shipping to my in laws in the states and they will forward it to me). And I like the idea of finding one partially pre-made…so more of a “put it together” type of kit. I want the light to stay in place all the way through the cycle so veg and flower…I understand PPFD, heat sink importance and I know the basic language…I’ve just never sat down and tried to do the math and put together a system. I will also say, while I have done many electrical and electronic repairs and replaced resistors etc, my soldering skills are not very good. They work!! But ugly…

So the plan is to have somewhere around 2,000 umol, to cover a canopy of the (really is 5’6” x 2’8”) area. I want to build the best that I can…and I want to lights to produce as much as needed to maximize yield without over doing it.

Do I start with the LEDs or with the drivers? I’d like to build a shopping list and get it all built in theory in a cart and see what I would be looking at

That would be a good place to do flushinf. It has a built in drain

That’s the idea of utilizing the tub area however I also have a drain in the main floor as well, I only filled in and closed off where the toilet used to be. Both drains work just fine as I pressure washed the shit out of the whole room prior to painting :slight_smile:

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I agree with @Happilyretired, your goal of 6-8 plants will be tight in that area. With how little your needs are you might do better growing smaller amounts more often than growing pounds and trying to dry and store it for long term.

Did you pay $150/TS1000? Are you returning them, or are they part of your revised lighting plan?

Yes, no, and yes lol…I’m got them from Amazon (haven’t arrived yet) paid about $140ea and I’m gonna use them as a seed starter light in a cabinet…I’m working on some drawings now, I’ll post up in a few

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FYI, those lights put out a lot of power for the initial investment. They only under-perform the HLG lights in efficiency, so depending on how expensive electricity is, that may affect your purchasing plans.

Here is my air flow chart for the main room…the “out vent” air I might recycle into another room, not sure yet but for now it’s vented outside the space.

I did some testing yesterday with full sun hitting the house, the temps were around 90 in the other rooms, and only 83 in that room…probably due to all the insulation I installed.

Then I ran the AC for only 5 min on the dry setting and it got the room down to 73…


What do you mean they put out a lot of power…I thought everyone has been saying they are under powered?!

So after watching greengene videos, i tried to go look at getting all the parts to build that kit, all sold out…watching growmau5 and i like his cob kits, but no longer sold either…so…fml…lol…i just want a damn light that will provide enough power to take 2 plants all the way through the flowering stage…any ideas?

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@dbrn32 what are your thoughts on running 2 plizon cree cob 2000 side by side to cover tht area? The PPFD spectrum shown on amazon look pretty damn good but ive also read tons of bad things about the blurple amazon lights…

Check out timber grow lights , they have different options for cob lights, that is what I use

I honestly have the hlg rspec 550 v2 in my cart…im just trying to tripple check with every damn site i can that this will work for seed to harvest for at LEAST 2 plants in my space…