Building a veg light

I received the HGL-240H-C1750A driver yesterday. The 4PACK-QB132-V2-MOLEX-4000 QB132 V2 Quantum Boards - V2 4000K showed up today. I have aluminum angle to make a frame. I have been thinking of building two separate frames 15x30" with lights end to end and then having the 2 frames end to end with a hing so it could fold back on itself and have the 4 boards square 30x30". Then it could be long like a fluorescent fixture or folded and square depending on where I want to put it. It seems like it should be easy to do?

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Sure. Hinge one side, and then do some sort of latch on the other.


Looking back, you’ll use a lot of extra aluminum making it exactly that size. The boards are only 11" or so right? So would make a lot more sense for light to be as wide as board when they’re all in a row.


The boards are 9x12" I will draw up a couple designs and see what looks good. 12+12+6" space would be 30" long. Then the other way 9+9+6" spacing would be 24". Just need to figure out how to hing for a 6" spacing when folded. then it would end up 24x30". I built a Parallelogram for my binoculars and used 1/4" foam board to make a template before I cut up the aluminum. I will do the same with the frame.