Build a soil 3.0 help

Quick question do I need to ph this 3.0 soil if growing in the ground? What about if I grow in a 10 gallon container? I’m also on well water. New to living soil was told it’s a water only type but didn’t know about ph

Verify ph on your well, most wells are within range for use.
The soil I’m not sure, I would check the meters accuracy before taking any other steps for the soil.


What do you mean meters accuracy ? My well is 8.0

What meter do you have?

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I have bluelab combo meter

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That’s a fairly accurate meter. Some meters can be really far off.
What I recommend trying due to the largely opposite of PH differences is to pour a set volume through the soil and see what the PH comes out to be at the other end.
Better option is to remove and use different soil, home mix, or store bought.
@Myfriendis410 @dbrn32 @BobbyDigital any orher suggestions?

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The microbes will handle the ph for you Especially outdoors. Have some flowering supplements on hand just in case or to just give the plant a boost. Outdoors can produce monster plants but you have to take the cons with it (bud rot, bugs, scavenger animals, etc).

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I have another bag of 3.0 coming but I have 3lb craft blend also and some neem oil mixed up