Bugs or Deficincies?

Thanks for all the help, I really appreciate it! I will definitely look into those foliar sprays, I’ve been curious about using them lately.

have the same thing been going on with my girls looks like mites But no bugs Unless their cloaked . the first pict in this post looks identical to mine the spots strart out following the veins in the leafs …got a 16 X jewlers loupe no bugs . but have increased cal-mag a little but no change … then read about that brands like Advanced nutrients connisuore are chock full of cal mag so i stopped adding it . weeks later no change … if you figger it out for certain let me know … other than a lite case of spots my girls are a picture of beauty … Just not sure its a cal mag issue was considering running a REPAIR TICKET . my self

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This again is Calcium uptake issues. I word it “uptake issues” because your hydro mix/soil mix may have plenty of Calcium within, it’s just not readily available for use. With that said, you may not have enough within your feedings.

Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, and Iron, all react with each other. Too much of one will infact lock out another, along with pH.

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Aquaponics, hydroponics, and Soil use, for Calcium, is very similar…

Here’s a quick video of Nate PH.D., on Calcium, for your pleasure…

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No. I would recommend you find a way to allow the Calcium to be absorbed by the plant. One way to do this is to apply Amino acids.

You have to be aware that phosphates and sulfates can lock up Calcium, thus rendering it unsoluble to the plant. Adding more Calcium does nothing to remedy the issue.

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Then Tell Us How To Get Amino acids olll Great Orical of MJ :open_mouth: Hammer. And Do You agree OR Disagree about the pict of the leaf in the above post .calcium defiant ??? i say it is not …BBBbbuuuuuutttt i could be wrong HAMMER time LOL

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Hammer those yellow stripes usually say cal/mag but you’ve been doing this a long time my friend …what do you think it is ?

not stripes starts, as small round dots stays to the veins . then they turn orange .the spots that is . had them on 3 good strains from AMS , had the mothers in crappy potting soil miracle gro , but the clone were only in DWC …feeding it connoisseur first grow then bloom, was adding cal mag all along then stopped for awhile but it made no difference connoisseur ph perfect i believe to be chok full of calcium … its only on older shade leaves no yellow blotches or edge yellowing when i had cal mag issues before "different crop and time " it showed it self as blotchy yellow leaves leads to necrosis first at the end of the leaves then they die off or drop eventually ,Now iam running R.O water and the connisouer ph perfect . and a couple add ons … over all plant heath is good . my thoughts are like this , could it be out dated nutes … thinking the ph perfect mite be time sensitive … and causeing it to loose its mico nute effective ness… in ALL the charts on deficiency it never list calcium as to creatin small yellow spots …and i fed them a lot botani care cal mag at one point to see if it made a diff. but what happened was NO change except the plants slowed food consumtion . droped to a 30 ppm a day diet … till i changed water added no cal mag for a few days no change in spot production . but my little girls started eating again average now is 80 parts ppm and rite after the water change ive had them eat 140 ppm…I keep a daily log now days and picts every 2 days . Hammer . ps the leaves are very green as well mmm

hasn’t seem to hurt them but their not perfect… Latewood said something that burred me once LOL About my water being a prob , BUT id grow on this site over 20 years …and it was hard water … But i didn’t think it THAT big a deal … BUT it was .and he was right and the comment spurd me on to get an R.O. system … AND HOLY GUANO ROBIN … it was like a new ball game id blinded myself to seeing all this time … For instance before same nutes connisouer ph perfect . i could only feed them a 1/3 cup of A&B each or it would cause major damage now i get away with feeding them 700ppm or 1 3/4 cups each and the growth is nuts . JUST WISH I COULD GET MY HAND S ON SOME DUTCH MASTERS ADVANCE . will have to wait for now … good water is a must if you want to maximize their potional . and good nuts ill post some of the picts later as itake them every 2 days . ill post a pict for every week to show the effects . Hammer

I get that every now and then and if there’s two from the same breeder it’s usually on both of them but then again I take (eg.) 3 clones, two are fine but one of them’s got all kinds of problems so I don’t really understand how that happens because I swear they get the same treatment ? LOL

What is considered hard water? My PPM came out of the tap at 104 last night which I think is pretty good for big city water but I wouldn’t want it any higher !

my water is 260 high in sodium and calcium …with the ro it 5ppm … and since your water is that high i think you mite look into a small system …i use 70 gallons in in grow system . and 3 -55 gallon drums and a 27 gallon drum for maintaining the dwc system . . i growing borderliner extrm ,rain bow kush and S silver haze i put them into bud at 24-28 inches and border are 4 ft the S silver haze is 5 1/2 ft and the rainbow is 6.1/2 ft . and iam outa room lol

just wondering…if it’s big city water, they must have an analysis of the water and exactly what’s in it…maybe there’s someone you could contact within the water service to see if you could get a free copy?

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All municipalities must present an annual water report, free. Call your local water works.

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If I can’t get amino acids, would a calcium foliar spray help?

nice thought BUT remember flint hill brown water full of lead but the city water said it was fine …H

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Simple math … 600-1000watt bulb 70- 100.00us nutes entire grow 250 approx. electric 250-300 us . time 150 Man Hours "you add price " equipment cost or replace 150.oo us average per grow … pen’s and meters 120.oo,us , seeds 300.oo us average if i get my preference’s per grow APPROXIATLY 1000.oo- 1200.oo us mmmm and latewood found an ro system for i think about a 100.oo dollars approx. … iam just saying its like insurance on your crop … it simplifies ALOT in Hydro …BIG time . Hammer

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I tried to tell you all that adding more Calcium may not, or will not help.



Yea I got it, thanks @latewood

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