Does anyone recognize these spots?

Hi all! I’ve been noticing these spots on my ladies and I’m wondering if anyone has an idea of what they are. I’ve been looking up nutrient deficiencies and whatnot and I can’t seem to figure it out. The plants are all about 59 days from sprouting and they are feminized seeds—not autoflowering. I’ve been using Bergman’s bug blaster every 5 days or so but I’ve also noticed a few lady bugs hanging around on some of the plants, which worries me I may have pests too. Thoughts? Any and all help is appreciated, thank you!

Looks like normal outdoor wear and tear to me.


Most look like wear and tear.

This, second pic, looks like Mg deficiency

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Hey, thank you for responding!

It has been pretty windy here in Southern California the past week or so. I found this other leaf with these whitish spots on them and want to make sure it’s agreed it’s just outdoor wear and tear.

As far as the mg deficiency goes, that spot that you pointed out is actually a solid hole through it, so I thought it was a pest since I’ve found some obviously-pest-eaten leaves too. But you’re seeing it more as a magnesium deficiency? I read on ILGM that one symptom of mg deficiency is red stems. Are these the red stems they’re talking about or is it the literal stems that turn red?

Also, just noticed these ugly brown spots today. Any idea what they are?

I had been worrying about deficiencies but whenever I mentioned that I’m using Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil with a small percentage of worm castings everyone says I shouldn’t need any nutrients until the plants are bigger. What are anyone’s thoughts? Sorry, everyone, this is my first time growing and I want to do the best I can for my ladies! Thank you so much!

These leaves are on the same plant as the brown spotting above. Meant to attach them, sorry!

I think that could be leaf miners they live inside the leaf and suck the green out that’s y it looks like spots and like lines of it also look up either aphids or thrips and I think you will find wat you need to know mate I had the same thing and I also had 3 leafs actually with bits eaten out of them over a 4 week period but it’s easy to fix no need to panick either

Looks like calcium deficiency starting. I use ocean forest as well and always add 3-5mL of calmag every water/feed. It doesn’t add a bunch of ppms so you’ll be fine.

Which? The white or brown spots? Or both?

It’s just tripping me out because other than these spots, their stalks and stems are strong, their growth doesn’t seem to be stunted in any way. We’ve had some serious winds and a bit of rain in Southern California the past couple weeks, and it’s been surprisingly cold (though I brought them to a protected area for the rain—the wind had been blowing on them for awhile and it seemed like it was strengthening them, but then the winds got stronger so I moved them to a protected area for them too). Noticed this new spot today too.

I’ve scanned the plants over and under but I’m not seeing any burrows or anything for leaf miners. Though there is this

And then saw this too. It’s like there’s this brown spot right there and then the leaf loses integrity and goes limp

And the weirdest thing happened! This leaf was green and totally limp like 2 days ago, but now it’s standing straight out but dead…

Sorry everybody. I just want to do right by my girls! I appreciate everyone’s help SO much!

Both. Just different stages. You can just cut that lower leaf off. Or let it fall off naturally. Here’s some pics of calcium deficiency. The first pic is a little later stage.

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Ok I think that’s most definitely it. They don’t have the waxy look/feel like in the second picture but yeah that looks like it. Thank you so much, you’ve been a HUGE help!

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Since the last posts, I’ve used ILGM’s grow time fertilizer and calmag. They’ve shot up quite a bit (the lowest amount of growth was 8 1/2”) and I feel like I’m not noticing much new damage. However, I have noticed this plant has yellowed leaves, which is new. This plant had a weird thing happen: the lowest leaf was totally flaccid but perfectly green. The next day it was standing straight out, shriveled, and dead. Now the lowest leaf on here was flaccid and yellow, but today it’s not as flaccid. And the leaf above that is yellow now too, and if I step back, the bottom half of the plant seems kind of a pale green-yellow. But everything else seems fine. Does anyone know what is going on?

These pictures are of the plants that are in the first post and how they’re looking now. These spots are super ugly and seem to be drying out. I don’t know how much and what kind of improvement I should be noticing to make sure I’m on the right track though. Is this natural? Are they better? Worse? How much will they repair themselves, if at all? I’m also working to adjust pH because it’s been consistently around 6.9. I’ve ordered pH down and am waiting for it to get here—I don’t know how significant that information is.

Last thing:
Just to make sure, is it natural that these new leaves are coming in this yellow color? (It’s overcast today so it’s hard to see the yellow in them in the pictures). They seem to turn green as they grow, and I know new growth will come in lighter than the old growth, I just want to make sure it’s ok that it’s yellowish at the center.

Thanks everybody!

hey there mate i had the same thing with one of my plants that is in flower now and its fine.i find the odd hole in a leaf here and there,but nothing drastic the only thing after much research i could put it down too is leaf minors they are actually in the leaf its self and when there young they eat thru the leavs leaving them spots or like track marks and when they get older they actually eat the leaves (peices of leaves) i still see it now and my plants are nearly done but i also had the same thing were l thought the plant was a pale green yellowish it really stresssed me what i did was flush with PH water and make sure all the run off was correct ph,then i let them dry completly so that eliminated any chance of a ph block out or of over watering then i bought some thing called canna cure its a pest and desiese control and its also a nutriunt booster for your plant it kills infestations and prevents them and i got it under control.i still get the ocational spot or wat not but very very rare and my plants look vibrant so if you need anymore advice from me id be happy to help just hit me up mate and good luck just eliminate the causes of wat it could be one by one then you will get there in the end but i would not panik as it can be controled if not eradicated.and the new growth does look that colour that looks ok to me. thats my honest opinion.


Hey Fibber, thank you for responding and giving your input! I tried to look into cannacure but from what I’m seeing it doesn’t look like I can get it in the US. I’ve looked for leaf miners but haven’t seen them, but I’ll keep checking. I’m trying things, I just hope I can figure it out before too much more damage is done!

Ok that’s unfortunate,have you tried eBay or amazon or maybe canna the web site?? Ok have a look around for you.and that’s the thing with the leaf minors ive never seen em either but apparently they live in the leaf tissue itself so you won’t see them and that’s how you get the spots they suck the sap out the leaf leaving the discoloured spots and lines then they grow and then they become visible that’s wen they eat chunks of your leaf.last resort consider a organic pesticide?? Depending on what stage your at.keep me up to date tho good luck

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Thank you. I’ve been using Bergman’s Bug Blaster but it’s not quite doing the trick I guess. I actually made a separate post about it hahaha. There is definitely a pest issue, but there’s gotta be something more I think. Look at this leaves from yesterday to today:

And this one:

These pictures are both off the same plant. Any thoughts? It was already suggested maybe a calcium deficiency, so I’m using calmag, but is this consistent with calcium deficiency or is this probably something else?

What was that leaf green after it was yellow so it turned back green after you added the calmag??? And even tho I use canna cure like I said it still happens now n then some thing is at a leaf or 2 but nothing major I guess it just keeps it under control.

And is it just at the bottom of plant?? I don’t think the dots are connected to the leaf coulour I’m pretty sure of that I’d concentrate on the leaf coulor for now tho I think it could be cal deficient but I’m not sure yet,I’m on it for you tho don’t worry

No, this yellowing has happened since the calmag. I did that last Wednesday. In the first three pictures, that’s one leaf. The first picture is yesterday, the other two pictures are how it looks today. The second set of pictures is a different leaf but just above the other, the first picture is yesterday and the other two are today. The larger leaf that’s still attached, yesterday it was yellow and limp and today it almost looks a little more yellow and now has the dead/burnt tips.

I’m working on treating the calcium deficiency and it hasn’t been a week yet since I added calmag; maybe I’m just being impatient. I’m just not sure what kind of improvement I should be looking for and how quickly I should expect to see improvement

Hey man how’s the plant doing???

Hey there. Well I definitely have an issue with thrips and I’m pretty sure I’m dealing with a calcium and/or magnesium deficiency! I ordered some neem oil and I’m waiting for it to get here, and tomorrow morning I’m going give them some calmag via Foliar feeding. I’m also going to get some lady bugs. The pH has been pretty consistently 6.8-6.9 and I’ve been using pH down the past couple waterings. Saturday is my measurements day so I’ll see for sure where we’re at with the pH and how much they’ve grown since last Saturday. BUT ever since doing the growtime fertilizer and calmag, save for the problems I’ve been facing with thrips I think they’re doing pretty well. The yellowing I was talking about on the new growth has changed to a light green—no yellowish tint, so that’s good.

I’ve never done Foliar feeding before, though. I read that I should only use like half the strength of the suggested solution if it’s foliar. Have you ever done it? Do you have any tips or suggestions about it and do you know how often I should do it? Thanks for checking back!