Bugs are gone but weird, orange discoloration is back!

This Jack Herer is now 4 weeks into flower. I had a bad aphids infestation that is now under control and this weird orange discoloration. After flushing it seemed to get better (I had nanners but seem to have found/removed them all) It seems to be as bad as ever but the plant continues to add “bud density”.

Any ideas/recommendations? Is she salvageable? Thanks!


I would not give up on her, my first thoughts looking at the overall picture more than one issue. I would start by calibrating my pH meter then catch runoff an check pH and PPM and make adjustments accordingly. Also the plant looks wet. How often do you water and how much. Ilgm has a support ticket if you can fill out will help Growers with a little background to get more feedback. Welcome to the community!


Thanks for the tip re: support ticket!

Strain; Jack Herer

Age from Sprout:11 weeks; 4 weeks into flower

Soil=Fox Farms Ocean Forest in 3 gallon fabric pot.

Water every 2 or 3 days when pot seems light

PH of water: @ 6.8in-6.3 out

Shooting for 1000-1200 PPM run-off


600 watt full spectrum LED @ 18" away. 12/12

Temps; Day=70, Night=55

Humidity; Day:40% Night: 40%

Ventilation system; Yes, Size: 4"


Co2; Yes

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She’s salvageable. You have most likely, not removed all the 'nanners… they will probably keep coming (trust me lol). With the aphid infestation, make sure you wash your plants right after harvest in a hydrogen peroxide solution. You may need to do several washes.

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