Bugs and mold, can i mix the two treatments together to treat

I have the bergmans bug blaster and mold shield, i was wondering if i could mix both in the same bottle to treat all at once?

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I would not do that.

:+1:thank you

Never mix treatments together… in fact, I would treat for one and wait a few days before treating for the other. Pick whichever one seems to be the worse problem to treat first.


Thank you for the help🙂, would anybody know how long the treatments will last after made in a bottle?

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Read the directions… like Captn Jacks Dead Bug says not to make any more than you can use in 24 hours. If you do end up keeping it, make sure to shake the bottle (spray bottle) often during spraying because the product can sink to the bottom leaving you with an over concentrated amount.

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Got it, thank you very much for the information it helps a bunch😁