Bergman's bug blaster

Has anyone ever used Bergman’s bug blaster. Something is eating my plants alive and I see little spiders in some of the buds. First grow

I have not and I don’t see a lot who do. Most use Capt’n Jacks Dead Bug, from Amazon.
Mostly because of price and easy availability.
If you have Bergmans I am sure it will work fine. If not then do Jacks.
Main ingredient is Spinosad a natural bug killer.

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Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Juice Concentrate mix at 1.5x strength. Spiders usually only hang out where there’s food, so they are good and bad. Good that they eat pests, bad that if you have them, you probably have pests.

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I’ve used the Bergman’s Bug Repellent and it was okay. I tried it because it was on sale, it’s pretty expensive even though you use only a capful or so. I have a bunch of plants so it becomes way too pricey for the size bottle you pay for. I don’t think it works as well as it should considering how much you pay for it. I really like the seeds and have been with ILGM for a while so this is not a knock on ILGM.
I use Dr. Enzymes up until 2 weeks before harvest, even though some folks say that you can use it up until harvest.