Buds turns brown

why my buds turn brown during the drying process. what im doing wrong here

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I’m interested in hearing the answer

I’m interested in hearing the answer

I read somewhere that how wet the buds are and speed of drying can play a roll in the color. If your buds are healthy, and there is no rot, then maybe what I read is correct. I made a mental note after reading that to make sure my plant is super low humidity during the dark time I give her before harvesting it, so she is as dry as possible. Maybe I interpreted that all wrong, but that is what I took away from it. I am very new to growing, so I am waiting to see what others know about this topic.

Hey Bro,

No way of knowing without some sort of picture to judge by. There are 2-3 possible reasons. However; I cannot wager a guess without seeing the buds in question. Sorry.


thanks latewood i will up load a pic

All my bud does this

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this is how it looks at the end, I want green bud not brown need the know what I’m doing wrong

so what u think i post a pic

so what u think how do she look

What strain is that? Maybe the reason, some strains dry to a Brown ish color because of the hairs. But you have green bud under there.
I don’t recommend it but try triming the little hairs off , get a closer trim to bring out the green. Try one bud to see if you like it.

strawberry kush

Hard to tell as my monitor makes them look more golden than brown. When I make the pic bigger though, i see white, like mold or something, is that just my monitor or light reflecting? They look like firm buds. What do you think about it being related to humidity? The article I read before said it is like fruit…they ripen brown if they are moist, but these are flowers, not fruit, so I don’t know how it correlates from one thing to the other. How did you harvest and dry your product?

On a side note, i’d smoke that in a heartbeat.

@Wishingilivedina420state, I read just the opposite, to leave a bit more leaf on when trimming…but I don’t remember who wrote that, so it could be totally unreliable.

yeah it could be due to humidity, its not mold


I don’t know look about the same to me

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it do look the same but where im from people want green bud

nice looking bud there, i dry in a cardboard box in my closet. i just want my bud to be green

people here want good bud, they could care less if it is pink with polka dots, or baby food brown. If it taste good, and has the desired effects they want, they are happy…

I am guessing you are in a legal state where people actually have options…