Buds in early stage are turning brown

I have several outdoor auto bloom plants that are in the early stages of budding, The very top buds are drying out and turning brown. Water and fertilizer is good. I suspect it is excessive heat (92 degrees over the last week). What can I do if that is the case. These plants are sprayed for mold every 4-6 days and there are no black spots or "mushiness’ Just looks like they are drying out at the top of the plant. Should I bring them indoors as they are auto flower in the last month? Please advise and thank you!

@livingpuppet is your climate very humid? It may be bud rot. It’s from a fungus… I am growing indoors and experienced it on the tops of one plant the humidity was way too high… hope this helps!

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Yuou are probaly right, very frustrating to not be able to protact against it. I did sray regulerly with anti mold protection