Bud rot- spray or not?

I have four plants growing outdoors here in VA. Two LSD, one GG4, and one Blue Dream. I had a couple of days rain, followed by two humid days, and then a couple more days of rain. I checked my plants over really well and removed some buds and even a couple limbs from my blue dream that had bud rot. I didn’t find any on the GG4 or the LSD’s.

I got any I could find out of the Blue Dream, but it’s a large plant and I can’t say I didn’t miss a bud. We have really nice, dry weather in the forecast for the foreseeable future. I’m guessing I’m about 3 weeks from harvest time on the BD. Should I spray the BD with a peroxide solution? In my own research, I’m reading conflicting opinions. Some say spray, some say you are just rewetting your flowers. What do you guys think?

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@Breezin Maybe if you can get a fan on them for a bit after spraying would help speed up the dry time some.
I feel you on the re wetting.
I’ve already lost 2 big ones , most of a third , and harvesting what I can from a 4 th now at 7 weeks in flower.
Joys of outdoor in the north east :grin:
Good luck with your decision.



Thanks for your reply. My grow is a bit of ways from our our house, so no option to use a fan. I do give them a shake and have a low powered leaf blower that I use as much as possible to get rid of excess water, but at this stage of the game it’s a bit like trying to dry off dozens of fat sponges. I am in a mountain slope and we usually have a steady breeze during dry spells, so that should help if I do decide to spray.

For those who do spray with peroxide to kill mold spores, am I looking to just barely mist my buds or am I looking to soak them? Thanks.

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@Breezin I’m also in Va, more central than mtns, but our weather has been about the same. For me, the morning fog and dew pose the most risk for bud rot, so I go out and wrap yarn around my larger buds, pulling it into them where I can, to wick the moisture. Usually once a week, after its gotten wet out, then I pull the yarn out later in the day or once its been dry out for a few hours.
Never heard of spraying Peroxide on buds, but I have heard folks powdering Diatomaceous Earth (DE) on plants with excessively wet buds, then knocking out the powder clumps later.
Once theres mold, I just count the bud as a loss and pluck it.


Thanks for the suggestions. The peroxide is watered down. Changes the ph briefly and kills the mold spores if I remember what I read. But it doesn’t kill any mold currently growing, it just knocks out the spores so hopefully they don’t grow out. This is the first time I have grown, I didn’t set out to grow large plants, but that is what I ended up with, I would probably need 200 yards of yarn and three days to place it. :grinning:


Outside growing is hard in the Northeast(Ma.). The morning dew is a huge problem.

That is one advantage I have being on a mountain top. Dew and fog seems to be much worse in the lower altitudes than it is up here. I can wake up to a sunny day, drive off the mountain and run into a very heavy fog. Happens a good bit. A disadvantage is that when storms bring wind, we get every bit of it.

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I’ve heard of people doing peroxide baths after harvesting, but not a spray. I’m definitely interested in hearing how it goes, if you do that.
The yarn trick can be a bit tedious, but compared to some of the other things I’ve done, it works and is worth the time. Everything with growing takes forever :joy:
You’re right about the fog and mist being worse in the lowlands here. Virginia is a weird ass place.

I’ve used a peroxide spray when I start seeing bud rot. I try to only spray around the affected area after removing the rot and on a dry day with a breeze. I think the peroxide messes with the terps a little and can cause buds to brown a little too If not diluted enough.


Ok, that’s good information. My weather is supposed to good for awhile, so I think I’m going to just keep a watch for now.

I would recommend checking out growers ally crop defender or their fungicide. Their Crop Defender is a fungicide, miticide and insecticide all in one bottle and can be used all the way to day of harvest. Their Fungicide would kill any fungus and should help with bud rot. I’ve used their products on my grows with results. I usually spray after the sun has gone down to allow the product to sit on the plant for as long as possible without leaving spray burn on the leaves when the sun comes up.


Living in the southeast ,rain and humidity come at the worst possible time.over the years I’ve used cordless leaf blowers to remove water from plants.I cover them with a tarp at times of prolonged rain.I make a tent type support that extends several feet pasts plants on both ends then install a fan to move air.
But in recent years I spray my plants with a hydrogen peroxide one part to three parts water every three days.I do this before I see any bud rot or mold.I spray in the early morning,then the sun drys things right up. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think is to put up a strong defense before it starts.anyway I stop doing this the last week.
It’s not a solve all solution but it seems to work for me.

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Yes, I believe it is more a preventative. At this point I think I’m too late to take that route, my cause as many problems as solve. I should have started at the first sign of it. But again, there seems to be differing opinions on it.

@Breezin ,sorry to hear about your issues.Any outdoor grower and even indoor growers experience mold/rot.Here in the SE rain always comes at the worst time.
I use Jack’s products as well.I wish you luck at saving /salvaging what you can.
One year I had to take all the major colas early due to rot.the remaining came thru quite well.I still have a month to go with this year’s.fingers crossed.


I use a spray made of potassium bicarbonate, Castile soap and water 2-3 times a week to kill botrytis spores.

When I have to cut an area of rot out I’ll soak it down.

The potassium bicarbonate is food safe and won’t hurt the plant or change flavor of the smoke.

28-30 oz spray bottle filled with water, 1/2 teaspoon Castile soap and 1 teaspoon potassium.

But rot is some evil shit and it always sucks having to cut and chunk an affected cola.

Really no strain is 100% resistant - I’ve had it on amnesia haze, OG kush, GSC, purple haze, GG and gelato. Once the buds big big and full any strain is susceptible.

When the daily temps get below 75 and there is lots of rain or humidity watch out!

Good luck!


I just sprayed down two indoor plants because I found some mold in a few buds on one plant. I sprayed the affected buds with a 12 - 15% solution of distilled water and 3% peroxide before cutting them. Spray first to minimize spread of spores. I then drenched both plants thoroughly. I mean dripping wet and I pried buds open to get every place I could. It was about 10 days from harvest and the plants tolerate it well. I had to do same a couple grows earlier. In that case it stopped the further spread of mold.
I will also give these plants a 3 bucket bud wash. Baking soda, peroxide & lemon, rinse.
I could not imagine growing outdoors without doing a bud wash.
Welcome and glad having you participate.


Thanks for the information. We’re having dry weather now and I’m about a week and a half from harvest, so I’m just going to keep watch and keep my fingers crossed for now. Looked them over a bit this morning, and what remains still looks good.

Could you explain more about the 3 bucket bud wash please?