Bud rot. I give up

I have my exhaust fan on high, humidity is 50-60. I don’t know what I did wrong.

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Ok how big is grow space and how many plants did you have sad to say that is rot and now unusable

Do you have any fans besides the exhaust?

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Did u have another fan in ur tent blowing air around if not this would probably be why it happened


This arrangement works well for me:


I have two clip on fans and i have a second inline exshust system sucking in cold air

Similar to my set up bro except I’ve no intake

I find having the second inline fan sucking in cold air works a treat with heat issues it keeps my tent temp nicely

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Thank fully I don’t have temp issues

Maybe a lil high, Im in flower at 60%rh though so ot can be done. It takes more then RH to give you rot and mold though. You also need a stale, high co2 environment. This is why so much air movement inside the tent is required. Are you using a carbon filter? If so its possible your filter is clogged and not allowing the fan to push air through or pull it through well enough to dehydrate your environment. Also, and I cant stress this enough, mold spores are always in the air. They are sticky and there are literally billions of them swarming around you at all times. They are so light that even your breath can send them flying across a room. Regular cleaning of the tent, and the room the tent is in will be required, especially now that mold has sporulated inside your tent. Get some peroxide and a spray bottle and get to cleaning out your tent and its room. Get the walls, EVERYWHERE. Consider shampooing any carpet in that room also. When you go to do work on your plants, change into freshly launderd clothes 1st. Lastly, dont give up. Sometimes things are out of your control, even growhouses loose a plant or two along the way. You did your best, learned alongvthe way and now its time to continue your journey. Get some seeds into a pot, as soon as your done cleaning everything.

Never had an issue with my setup until this grow. My buds are fatter than they ever have been though.

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So it could be a clogged up filter?

Thats whats up! Be sure to do a bud wash on what you salvage before drying. Will wash off any spores that have landed on the buds before you try and dry em.

Same thing happened to me last year. Humidity was good with good air circulation. Inline filtered intake, oscillating fan and exhaust. I was a couple weeks from harvest so I removed the bad buds and then sprayed the plant down with 50% water and 3% peroxide wash. I soaked the buds and plant. This strong a mix did burn the buds slightly but It got me harvest. I did add another fan. Of course I did a bud wash before drying.

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Do you have a dehumidifier? I keep mine outside of the tent.

@Newt bro that some serious fan action! Quaded up!!

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And they are not in the way. Love these AC Infinity fans. Just ordered one for my clone/veg tent this morning.


No, but definitely will from here on out.

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That’s a bummer , Keep that air flowing good will be your best friend against mold an bud rot. Good luck moving forward.

Don’t give up. Happens.

Do you have a wide view picture of your environment to share?
I went to a 16’ oscillating fan to get a better breeze.

I also purchased a Bluetooth Hygrometer that keeps a log of your temperature and humidity. Those can fluctuate throughout the day. Set threshold alarms and fathers metrics for you to analyze each day at your leisure.

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