Bud ripening and drying

My top buds on are ripe.The ones below are not. I am a third time grower, but this is the first time I have gotten any good buds. Everything has gone great since I switched to FF soil, cloth pots and got my seeds from ILGM!
My grow and flower rooms have all gone insane. I didn’t expect the plants to get so big so fast. I AM OUT OF ROOM THANKS TO ILGM! I am going to have to, add on the 1st of June.
So my top buds crystals have gone milky white with about 20 percent starting to go dark.
The buds about 8 inches down are still mostly clear so I have been cutting off the ripe buds and letting the ones below ripen. I tried harvesting a branch but the lower buds were under developed.
They dry out in my closet pretty quickly. I have tried curing them but they dry out too quickly and I want to smoke. Tastes GREAT! Smells awesome when you break a bud but when they are in the jar they have a green smell. I have them in a glass jar and I open it every day for a bit.
Any advice on how people get the whole branch to ripen? Not just the top? Curing?


Brighter light for deeper penetration or a longer dark cycle, as for curing, cure in a dark room or spot in a glass jar pull out twice a day and burp for 20 minutes each time, then place back in dark spot, keep this process going for a week than for the second week burp once a day for 20 minutes.

Buds contain a gas called ethylene, which is dangerous and harmful to people, this is why they need to cure or it will really mess your lungs up proper curing for the right amount of time will rid the flowers of any ethylene in them (ie remember ethylene is the dangerous gas released during curing thats why they need to burp and air out)

Hope this helps @Coperthwhite7


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Got way too many lights already. My friend had a grow system that was on a track and would mimic the sun. Starting at one point and 18 hours later ending at another. Maybe get some side lights? Top buds are huge, ripe and tight. So, I have been harvesting those and leaving the bottoms to ripen. Those take about a couple weeks before they are ready.

Yea you could add side lights if you want to, but why add more lights if you already have way to many?

Honestly if you also have a lot of lights on top split the difference and put some on the side

I’ll get it down eventually. CFL 250 watts for the side I am thinking. Keep the LED’s above. Trial and error.