Bud Blood

I have a 300 gm. Container of Bud Blood ($166.00) and would like to know how best to use it. I am using Advanced Nutrients and have a total of 6 main recipes. 3 recipes for Vegetative growth at different strengths. The other 3 are Bloom recipes for weeks 1&2, 3&4 and 5&6 each with different additives. I also have a Final Phase, germination and cloning recipe. I believe it is primarily for the Bloom Phase.

I will follow up with similar questions on other products from time to time. Start going through the collection of unused nutrients.

Thanks guys!

Bud Blood is used for the 1st week of flower. Only.

Final Phase is a flushing agent. Only used the last 1-2 weeks before harvest.

Follow the directions on the Advanced Nutrients website. You do not need to constantly try to use every additive in the entire nutrient line; Because, some products may be adding minerals already being applied. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I know I have gone overboard when starting up in December 2013 and have a stock pile I want to use up before switching to another brand. I am also going hydroponic with bubble bucket / top fill recuirc loop with level control and am ready to build the (3) grow bucket prototype system.

What brand do you revomend toy hydroponics? I am planning on documenting the journey into hydroponics to share.

I have used several different brands through the years, but always tried to master 1-2 nutrient systems before changing, much like you have stated.

I started with AN 3-part, Liquid Karma, Fulvic acid, Calmag+; Then after I found that AN basically copied GH 3-part; I converted to GH. I stopped adding all kinds of additives; Settled on Liquid Karma, which provided Fulvic and Humic acid, and Calmag+ because, Marijuana wants more CalMag then offered in GH 3-part.

I tried AN Products a few times; like Iguana; Which killed everything I tried to grow. YUK! I got to thinking; These guys are trying to sell us on too much stuff! :frowning:

During this time I started a Commercial hydroponic greenhouse. I learned how to mix my own nutrients from 50ln. bags of minerals and have my own “chelated” Micro nutrient formula (Clear Blue". I have 2 customized solution recipes that fit my personal taste, and I can grow anything. :slight_smile:

I have always liked Botanicare Pure Blend Pro for seedlings and small organic grows; It works great. This past year I experimented with Pro Mix BX as a start to finish grow medium (experiment), and after propagating and vegetating with Pure Blend Pro; I bought Botanicare CNS17 Bloom, and Ripe. I achieved approx. a gram per watt, using a 400w Ipower digital lamp system, and an old Diamond self contained 250w hps for side lighting. inj a 4x4 tent.

My favorite nutrient to date has been DutchMaster Advanced A and B, Grow and Bloom; With Additives: Zone, Silica, and MAX Bloom. This concoction turns out to be very similar to my personal mixes in regards to type of minerals used.

I would be remiss, if I did not include Marijuana Booster. Available here in our shop; This Nutrient system is the 1st Nutrient system in the World to openly state that; “These nutrients were formulated to grow the most ultimate Marijuana plants on the planet!” :mrgreen:

I got some bone meal and blood meal. I never used the blood meal but i did use the bonemeal 1 time when the plants just started to flower… I only use bloom bust and thats on every 3rd watering and thats it… All the leafs are dark green and growing every bit of a inch a day or moore. So when do u use them and how. sprinkal it over the dirt or add it to water. Thanks

I have no idea what you are talking about. You should start your own topic! This has nothing to do with hydro nutrients. I will be removing both yours and my post here tomorrow. Make your own topic; Please. Thank You.

I was asking about bone meal and blood meal and how its used. In hydro or dirt. And when to use them.

Hi Latewood, what do you think of the Flora Brand by Genhydro (General Hydroponics). My Care giver uses it and an experienced West Coast grower I know. The West Coast guy is the one who turned me on to the Bubble Bucket System. I altered the design and plan on documenting and sharing in site (Process Engineer). He uses Flora Bloom and not Veg at all. He just adjusts the concentration.

The systems marketed I found fill the grow buckets bottom feed and overflow back to the reservior. The overflow is a fixed port. I do not see why the nutrients can,t be pumped from the bottom of the reservior to top feed the grow buckets filling the reservior creating splashing, more oxygen. Then the bottom of the grow buckets fixed drain returns back to the reservior. This wat the grow buckets end up with the same level as the reservior.

Correct me if I am wrong or any dead legs. A upper feed manifold and lower drain manifold will be mounted to the back wall.

Thanks all help is welcome and needed.

Gh is great, but I do not see how he uses only Bloom. I have used GH using all 3 parts, and I have used 2 parts Micro, and Bloom. I would not try to grow with just Bloom. The nutrients are not designed ti be used like that, and you have no Micro nutrients.

As far as the bubblers. I think you will find that you end up abandoning this project in the long run. If you want to top feed, build a drip system, if you want to flood the plants use ebb and flow. I built all kind of stuff when I 1st started years ago, and I have stopped using it because it is a pain in the butt. :slight_smile:

The top feed is simply a 90 degree elbow facing down between the net pot and the bucket wall. The “top feed” is solely to allow the control of nutrient level in the grow buckets simply by controlling the level in the reservoir. The nutrients will still circulate throughout the system and the 8" disc stones and commercial air compressor will provide a much aerated grow bucket.

Latewood, GH Flora Nova is a two part system, Flora Nova Grow and Flora Nova Bloom and you use one or the other, it is not a ratio mix system, you use the Grow or Bloom only depending on which part of the grow you are in, I have also heard of people using the Bloom only as it has all the nutrients in it and micro nutrients, just set up in a Bloom NPK ratio.