Bubble hash quest

I have the opulent system 8 bag filter. I’ve have not used it yet.

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Amnesia Haze Hash, I use (8) Bags (220,190,160,120,90,73,45,25). I freeze my weed ahead of time then add to the 220 bag in the stack with plenty of ice and cold water. Lightly mix and let sit for 10 min. Then vigorously mix for 15 min, let sit 5min, repeat vigorous mix for another 5min. Then let sit another 5mi before filtering each bag until the final bag 25. I start getting hash with 73 bag. When I pull the bag from the water I pull the screen to form a conical shape and let the hash drain to the tip of the screen. I let the hash sit a few minutes to let it dry a bit before flattening the screen and removing. I find it easier to lift the hash from the screen. I repeat this process several times using the same water and weed until I start to get plant material at 73 or 25. I then form disks and let dry for a couple week before using. Smells unbelievable. I like shaving some in to a bowl of weed.


You guys need to try dry ice kief. I’ll NEVER do bubble hash again.

One 73 micron screen, 1 pound of dry ice and a sheet of glass is all you need. Yields are at least as high and you can smoke it immediately.


I’ve used plain ice and dry ice, and dry ice is far superior imo.

I use a 73 micron bag. Newly harvested bud works best. What doesn’t make it through the 73 micron filter get decarbolylated in the oven and put in tea bags. The tea is great.


I never though about making tea. Great idea.

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I’d like to learn more about this dry ice technique. Is there a specific title I can look up?

Go to YouTube and search for ‘dry ice kief’ and you’ll get a bunch of videos.


But will taste like hash?

It IS hash.



I use dry ice when making hash. 3 grades. Blond…brown…green. the last shake…green…i make rso or infuse. The first shake i age. Second shake i add to a bowl. Can smoke right away.

Hi, I recently read a post that you responded to regarding dry ice hash, Where you said you’d never use bubble ice water again. I just ordered a mini washing machine since i want to try making hash a different , right now I use the dry sift screens but the end product doesn’t smell or taste much like hash that I had as a kid. Does the dry ice method work that much better to get the product I’m looking for, should I return the washing machine without even opening it and go straight to the dry ice method?

That’s your call, but running one bag (73 micron) using dry ice is about as easy as you can get. And you can smoke it right then.

The aroma you remember is based on how the hash (kief) was smuggled into the U.S.: in bulk pepper.

Well, I’m going to give it a shot, my only problem now is trying to find a place that sells dry ice. I looked online for a place to buy it and the site came back saying that costco, homedepot , most supermarkets and other stores sell it but I called all 3 of those to start and none of them sell it. I now have a mission to find. Thank you for that fast response!!

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Some areas have a problem finding dry ice: you can also check places like Baskin Robbins along with Supermarkets. You don’t need a lot: 3 or 4 pounds. Throw a handful of quarters in when you shake kief and shake onto a flat surface. I use an old sheet of window glass.

I love it when I see a post about bubble hash. When done correct it can be a beautiful beautiful thing. I have been making hash for years and simply love it. The flavors that are stored and released within the resin heads are like nothing else.
I have a pretty in depth write up on my journal. I will tag you in it.
Happy hashing…


Hello, Well I did the dry ice deal, I only did it this because Myfriendis410 said it was so easy. I’ve done the dry sift with the silk screens, takes hours. Never did the bubble ice water thing because it looks like a PITA lol. After doing the dry ice method in a #73 bag I’ll never do it any other way. In 45 minutes I was done and had a test toke, WOW. Thank you my friend!


In tx, most HEBs carry dry ice, also, labs hospitals get blood, plasma etc. All shipped in dry ice.

What quanity does one need to attempt the dry ice method?

I said the same thing haha!

Only 73?