Bubble gum autoflower

I Planted my seeds July 4 in ocean forest soil. The plants have always looked good but
Harvest looks like it wont be till the end of this month. seems like a long time compared
to harvest time listed on seed website

Thanks Dennis

Hi, I had one auto flowering plant from a seed I found in my last grow so I started it with my regular plants on July 14th, anyway the auto just finished last week, I am drying it now, I actually think bnb j could have gone one more week, you are probably right on schedule

Get a jeweler’s loupe from your grow store and check the trichomes, that’s really the best way to tell when your plants are ready for harvest, I am a newbie and am in my 2nd grow but I got the jewelers loupe this grow so i know exactly when the buds are ready

Thanks TwilightZone I have been checking tricomes that’s how I know it will
be the end of the month, just surprised at the 4 months instead of the 2 or 21/2
it supposed to take

The two and a half months, if I am not mistaken, should be the anticipated flower times. You should also have you veg time

All sounds right on course

I think if you go to the MSNL web page they will have the information to tell you how long for your auto’s, I grew Big Bud and they say 90 days from start to finish but I think that’s a ball park lol… Do you like growing the Autos?? I grew them for my first grow by accident lol, I ordered the seeds thinking that auto female seeds just meant that they were female not Male so I wouldn’t need to sex the plants for my first grow, thankfully I figured it out before I started my grow lol, I only grew the one this time cuz I found a couple seeds, honestly I am not growing autos again, I dont like how you cant top or trim them because they dont recover well and it is kinda boring just watching them lol

I really don’t like Autos. I just thought I would try it.
I picked this strain for the higher cbn for making cana pills
for my daughter to use once a month or so for her ceberal palsy.
Of course me and the wife can also have fun with it.
I’ll go back to regular seeds cause I like to have more control.

I’m averaging 1/2 lb from every auto by pushing grow nutes into week 6 or even 7.

You can com fairly close to the breeders projections but you’re not going to reap 1/2 lb.
Some are in favor of starting bloom nutes as soon as they see flowers starting (pistils).
This is what the breeders recommend and the only way you will meet their projections.
I ignore those and keep the plant on grow nutes until the stretch has slowed/stopped.

I never heard of auto’s before the past three years and frankly, that’s all I grow inside now.
No strict dark period, easy to grow, I get 1/2 lb and I find the weed gets me just as baked as any other variety.

Good luck, she will be good to you!!


@Screwauger is correct about pushing grow nutes. I grow autos all the time and have harvested anywhere from a qp all the way to an lb. Also I top every one of them. You just have to have a healthy fast growing plant, if you have 5 nodes after 10-14 days, then top. I’m hard on them with supercropping and lst. Before I upgraded my tent, I was growing in a 18"x36" tent and would fill it completely up. Here’s one of the plant I pulled a pound from

AnAnd a half pound from this one

Here’s one of the buds