Bruce Banners! Seems long?

Alright guys so Iv got 4 BB photos. Don’t exactly remember when but it was early November or late October. I text myself all my plant stuff but some reason the text to myself got deleted.:cry:. So it’s going on 5 Months now. 150 days give or take a week. Jan 23rd flipped them to 12/12. These are the only pictures I got of them.I usually check the tri with jeweler loop but won’t be around them for few days.Iv heard of over ripe so want to make sure I’m not there yet.


They could be harvested anytime I think.

They should hold out until then. I let all the leaves die before harvesting this one.


I had mine go 154 days and they were Autoflowers.

Looks like you still have some time left.
These still had mostly cloudy/clear at harvest i would have let them go longer if i had a better scope at the time.