Bruce Banner slow sprout

Ok than you. I can take lights up to 6 foot, it’s under carbon filter exhaust. I actually have 1 x 400 watt. Good for 2x2’. And a 200 watt with the new Samsung diodes good for 4x4 veg. Then it’s rated for 4x3’ tent flower. Hopefully buds won’t be too bad. Doubt wife will let me upgrade light yet. She has been very good to me about growing even when She don’t smoke or anything at all.

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I usually plan 35-50 watts of quality lighting per square foot of the grow space foot print Grow Bro :love_you_gesture:


Update question. As a noob, should I just not trim the bb. It is so dense and small, my clumsy self could cause more damage.

The plant next to it, younger and not bb, is growing fine.