Bruce Banner not up taking water

Hi this is my first grow growing indoors in a 2x4 tent with air extractor,interior fan and two 300 watt LEDs. I have two Bruce Banner autoflower and two Gorilla Glue autoflowers growing in 2 1/2 gallon cloth pots with Fox Farms Happy Frog soil. All seeds were started at the same time and the G.G’s are starting to flower but the Banners do not seem to be taking up water. Tomorrow will be five weeks and when I lift the G.G’s they are light telling me to water usually on a daily basis but I haven’t watered the Banners in three days and they are still wet. The Banners look healthy other than being behind on size compared to the G.G strain. Are they locked out or am I worrying over nothing?

How about some pictures? Do you have a description of your lights? Brand and actual wattage? (Not what most tell you)

The two on the left are the Banner’s. The lights are vivosun LEDs probably not the best but I’m just starting. I do not have a light meter to check against the manufacturers rating.


They look healthy, I haven’t grown either of those strains but it seems they’ll grow at different heights and width. To keep your plant canopy the same and not raise the light place the the BBS on a riser to get them to the same ht as the GG. And keep an eye on them, it’s very easy to over water in soil versus coco :love_you_gesture:

Thank you for the advice! I actually have two lights but I shoved the plants together to get a better size comparison for the photo.

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