Bruce Banner hates me

It’s true.

Out of the 3 strains I have started growing with (all ILGM), BB is the bane of my growing existence… 1/3 seeds never germinated, with 95% success on others (no, I haven’t returned any seeds).

So this batch I’m doing only BB, 4 girls, trying to get through the seeds. All 4 germinated (yay!), but I think I have a radiation-exposed mutant phenotype, and am curious which super-powers you all think it may give me… They popped Feb 18th, 2023, and when transplanted to pots, popped 3-4 days later.

Attached are 2 photos, and in the group shot, these all were germinated and potted, etc. together-including watering, etc.

…for those who can’t spot the outcast, here is a zoomed in solo:

I hope enough details show…

Any thoughts? TIA!


Grow it out and see how she does. Sometimes the weird ones surprise growers.


Same thing sorta happened to us with White Widow, but even more severe. Planted multiple seeds. One of the seeds didn’t take off like the others. Severly stunted plant. Hugged the ground for weeks, never getting taller than a 1/4 in and 1 inch in diameter didn’t look like a pot plant at all. Leaves with smooth edges and shiny with no veins. We eventually transplanted it from the 4 inch cup to a 3 gallon air bag. Plant almost immediately took off and started growing. It is not the biggest of the plants now, but is healthy. Wife likes that plant the best. Buds are farther along than the other plants. We are still about a month out from harvest. Excited to see how everything plays out.


I had one do that exact thing. Like it topped itself and set there for the longest time while the others grew.
Eventually the secondary growth took off and even though it lacked the main stem the two that grew out caught up to the others in size and production. Gave me 5 or 6 ounces which matched the other 3. You just never know so until it totally dies just keep it going.


So I’m SOL for super-powers?


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I was seriously considering tossing it, but I will give her a chance! :slight_smile:


Professional growers might have tossed it already, but I’m not a business. I think it makes growing more interesting when something unexpected happens-as long as there aren’t too many bad unexpecteds!

Some might see gambling like this a waste of resources if it fails, but I don’t have expectations of perfection. Doing so would take all the ‘fun’ out of it, no?

I appreciate the anecdotes very much. Makes me feel not so alone in this! And besides, who wants to hear a story about an average, predictable grow? I’ll have a much better story with this little one!

Thanks again!

I’ve had a few fun, interesting ones. It usually turns out better than you think it will.


Ive had some stunters put out some awesome bud.

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As many stated the slow growth may surprise you.
I have 3 godfather og’s about to finish very acted as yours BUT NOW she is the belle of the ball.she not only caught the other two ,she was a sleeper for sure.,now a champion.

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BUT NOW she is the belle of the ball.she not only caught the other two ,she was a sleeper for sure.,now a champion.


Took me 5 attempts on Bruce Banner to get a sprout with 2 different seed banks.

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I dunno, she still looks like spinach to me!

For scale, that’s a 5 gallon pot…

I’m just going to try to get through these Bruce Banner seeds as quick as I can, and avoid them entirely in the future. There are lots of other strands out there to try…

Germination from 2/14 to 2/18/2023, then transferred to this pot, which is 1/2 Happy Frog and 1/2 Ocean Forest, with a little extra perlite… The other ladies didn’t seem to have any trouble with this mix…


Here’s a picture of the three normal stepsisters:

All of the ones in this batch are in 5 gallon fabric. The netting that you see is 3 in, and the tent is a 4x4.

Now to see how the bell of the ball has blossomed:

Underwhelmed? Me, too! I think I might have a cross between Bruce Banner and a dandelion…

No I’m just trying to get rid of the seeds, and I have a pile of ones that partially germinated, ones that I haven’t even tried yet that I’m just going to bulk return. I don’t even care about getting anything for them, there’s some kind of spell going on…



Gotta love the funky monkeys


Could this strain just be a little nute sensitive perhaps? If you’re not transplanting, maybe next time you can try filling the pot with ocean forest like you said, but then leave a 1-gallon-pot-sized-hole so you can fill that remaining space with something lighter. This way, your plants grow into the ocean forest and have less of chance of deformations in the early stages. Idk for sure though, I’m just shooting from the hip. I think it’s more likely you’ve just had an unlucky streak with a few weak seeds.

I’ve definitely worked with a couple strains that have kicked my butt recently. I went a little too ham with my organic grow’s super soil and I definitely started to see some minor leaf twisting and curling — took about a week and the leaves started growing in normally.

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Maybe nute sensitivity, but I also have seeds that cracked open and stopped. I’m returning what I didn’t use, along with the failed ones, to ILGM. I’m not an ass demanding refunds… Just giving them back for their own uses…

I did horribly bad with my first batch by going by FoxFarm’s instructions. I now see that I should have been doing just water in-between borderline toxic nute feedings…

I am now doing advanced nutes ( but with water every 1 or 2 out of 3 feedings, when the pots are light.

I’ll press what little BB yield into rosin, and that will be that. Focusing now on getting to know other strains, like Durban Poison, Alien Tech, Blue Dream.

As for the BB autos (3 ‘normal’ ones in this batch), I think I’ll toss the lot outside, maybe leaving one inside… But BB is already dead to me. :frowning:

Thanks for writing!

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For sure!! Have you tried using a PPM meter to measure the runoff? Ever since I got once it’s been a game changer for relatively minimum investment. It’s like a nutrient speedometer and has eliminated almost all my issues because now there’s little guesswork.

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I have an ec and ppm meter, but super cheap. I have an $80 pH meter, though, which is far more accurate than the cheapie pH meters from like $12 or so…

Might be time to get an accurate meter i would use, instead of one i don’t use as it is so cheap/inaccurate I fear it would do more harm than not!

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