Brownies oil question

Making two batches. 1/3rd cup oil in each recipe. How much weed? Looking for strong brownies. Have plenty of flower decarbing. Standard box mix brownies. 17-18oz size.

My butter brewer recipe book suggests 1/4 oz. Per cup of oil. My GF has a very high tolerance so I double or triple the amount of bud per cup. The brownies we make are too strong for most people that have eaten them and I always recommend not to eat more than half at a time


Awesome, thank you! I did 14 grams Cracker dry decarbed flower. I’m feeling good about my choice after your response.

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The butter brewer also calls for a tablespoon of soy lecithin per cup of oil to help increase the availability of plant compounds which they say increase potency

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I read that but am totally unfamiliar. Bit late this go but I’ll check the grocery store for the rest I jarred. Thanks again.

We made out oil for years without the soy lecithin for years and they were still good. We bought the lecithin we now use at the Vitamin Shoppe.

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Soy isn’t the most healthy lecithin available: I believe sunflower based is more healthy.

It actually helps the liver uptake THC and converts it to Delta 9 Hydroxy which is 5 to 7 times as potent as THC.

Coconut oil gives you a better yield as it expresses our of the plant material more readily than dairy based butter. In other words: if you use 16 oz of coconut oil you will be able to squeeze out 15 oz. Butter would yield about 12 oz. for 16 oz start.


Great info as always, much appreciated!

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