Brown tips @ 66 days

My AK buds are in day 66, 4weeks+ into flower. I see large fan leaves yellowing and a few brown tips on others typically curling. Not too extreme. No bugs. Total climate control. Rinsing with pH’d filtered water, no nutes, last two days.

Not enough water?
Nutrient overload?

Got some pics?
Fan leaves yellowing later in flower is normal as long as it’s not rapid. Burnt tips, again as long as it’s not rapid, throughout flower is normal as well. Some say it’s a good thing if the rest of the leaves and the flowers aren’t showing any real issues. Means the plant is eating all she can.

Welcome BTW!!! Lots of great help and info here! Awesome growers giving awesome advice!


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Welcome welcome welcome!

This right here. Could be diff types of tips browning. Pics go much further when diagnosing. Also try to snap them in natural light if possible

Edit: see pics lol. Looks like Nutrient burn to me… what have you been supplementing?


Looks like it may be potassium, possibly phosphorus. I think @PurpNGold74 may know a little more on it. The pic is a little tough to tell. Maybe a couple more with some full shots of the plant(s)

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Foxfarm Tiger bloom, once a day, the pH’d filtered water twice. EC 1.2, pH 6.0

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Thats all? Tiger Bloom? Even daily thats probably not as balanced a meal as a growing plant would like. Also ur half right Ryan!

These leaves look like an N toxicity. K deficiency resembles it a little, but covers majority of the leaves edges. And works inwards a bit further as well slowly browning.

This lower looks like a P deficiency. Note the browning from the inside out and yellowing around it. Kinda banana like… also gets ‘cal def’ like spotting.

Looking at the whole plant pics. Its more likely the N toxicity. Dark leathery like leaves. Nothing alarming but u can start pulling some nitrogen from ur supplements. Not completely but maybe a quarter strength less strong.

But seeing as Tiger Bloom is only 2-8-4… we have to be missing a variable somewhere. Is that your only supplement and what kind of soil did you originate in?

Foxfarm Happy Frog Soil test showed 6.6 pH

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All in all, nothing to pull ur hair out about

Yes. Only supplement. Suggestions?

It doesnt seem bad enough to warrant any real action.

Do you have pH/ppm meters? If so Id check the runoff next chance you get. Make sure ur salts havent built up much. Also if your going to keep running FF nutes, id look into at minimal the Trio: Grow Big Big Bloom to add to your Tiger Bloom.

Calmag and Sledgehammer are also HIGHLY recommended. Calmag cuz its always needed and sledgehammer to make flushing easier.

Speaking of, have u done any of the regularly scheduled FF flushes?

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