Brown spots, not growing full


First I hope these pictures show up, if not I will need help with that as well!

I am a first time grower and overwhelmed!

The leaves have some yellowish spots on them and they don’t seem to be filling out.
Sprouted on April 15 (23 days ago)
PH: 7
No run off-watering every other day
HydroplanetTM Grow Light Fixture HPS 150W - on 14 hours, off 10 hours
Planted in Miracle Grow planting soil
Temperature 70-75 degrees F
Humidity 40-45%
10-15-10 plant food - watered down

Please advise…thanks KBob

Your soil is too wet. Allow to dry between watering. Miracle Grow is not the right soil for cannabis.

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Do we attempt to replant in different soil?