Broken Seedling Stem

Today when I was trying to use a twist tie to try to stand my seedling up some I accidentally broke the stem. It’s not a complete break but I’m concerned about where the break is. It’s right at the part above the embryo leaves. They withered up not long after the break happened so while I know that’s not good I hope it doesn’t mean the plant will die. I have 4 sets of leaves with another four trying to come in and in the middle there are two little green leaves and the leaves have branches growing on them so there’s some foilage. She’s 2 weeks old from germination so she’s coming along.

I did the method with cutting the straw lengthwise and have the seedling in that. I had to cut some excess off being that the break is not far where the leaves are. Is there anything else I can do to try to save her? I don’t want to lose my baby and I know that plants can regenerate themselves. How long should I wait before checking to see if she’s stronger? I already can assume that any browning of leaves means that I’m losing her.

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Keeping the broken pieces firmly together is your only hope so it can heal/grow back together. Good luck. You might need more intense light if your seedlings are stretching so much that they aren’t supporting themselves, also you could have a light breeze blow across them as they grow, being lightly stirred or shaken by wind helps them grow thick strong stems.

Hi there, So I have a small problem. Few days ago I germinated a cannabis seed and then once the the seed broke and the intial root was about half an inch i put it into its first pot with all purpose compost. Two days after when i checked i was unable to see any sprout so i carefully spread out some off the top soil and saw that due to a clot in the compost the seedling couldnt sprout out and had started growing inwards.

I cleared most of the soil around it and when trying to release it to a more upright position the top part of the main stem with the first two leaves/nodes completely snapped off. Now what remains is a stem sticking out of the plant with nothing on it.

My question is would it regrow its intial leaves and continue or would it just die. Just a reminder the plant is just a couple of days old. Your opinions would mean alot.

If it broke off completely between the soil and round leaves I don’t think there is much hope, but Lakewood or MacG would know better than I. If it just bent and broke without completely separating you could use a piece of regular tape around it. I had to do that on my last grow, and it fully recovered stronger than ever.

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Hi, I wanted to say thanks to those who contributed to my white fly problem. I ended up using a mixture of Jabon Potasico and aceite vegetal arbol neem. I’m in South America so it’s in Spanish, but I’m telling you it worked wonderfully, white flies were gone in one day on my outside plants. That brings me to my question about a broken leaf stem. I was instructed for the first application I was to ‘‘wash’’ each leaf with the solution. VERY delicately I held each leaf and wiped them down. In the process I broke one of the larger upper leaf stems. It’s still hanging on by a thread so it’s not a complete break. I read in the forum that using regular tape will work to hold it together and it will mend itself. Does that really work? How long until it repairs itself? Does the tape just stay on from there on out, or do I have to cut it off at some point, and how would I do that and not break the stem again? Also, the white flies left little white spots on some of the leaves and now those white spots are browning out. I’d say it covers about 20-30% of some of the leaves but it’s not one huge brown spot it’s just several tiny spots, no holes just discoloration. Thank you so much for any info on these topics. I’ve tried to grow for years with no success, So far things are looking great and I’ m very excited to see my beauties grow up nice and healthy!

My plant is about the same age but i keep mine in my window. Yesterday was really windy and one of my baby plants broke and it wont sta d on itself . So i added the dirt level so that the others would be shorter and harder to be bent by the wind. What should i do about the broken one ?

I hope the photos will explain

Toothpick and a bread tie